This my first official T -Shirt design. I just wanted to make a simple one color design and see how she flew. It came to me while watching Jurassic Park a few nights ago. Please be brutal, I love constructive criticism.

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I could see this being printed, but not by threadless. The concept could be reworked to imply the idea without stating it.


I like it... but because of the irony, whether it was planned or not. I say this because I remember learning over and over that the dinosaurs were quite unintelligent... so slow that it took as much as minutes for a sensation to reach their brains.
So I suppose I like it because it wouldn't make much sense to most.


I love the skeleton, but I'm iffy about the text. (Uh huh, I'm that person who doesn't like the text. Shame on me.)


great concept, but like gameyy said and twitching said, lose the text and make it more on the graphics. not a very threadless design. $3


I know how everyone hates text, but how would this shirt make any sense without it? It's a fun idea, though.


love the dinosaur

hate the font

doesnt matter if the shirt makes sense


dinosaurs were never smart to begin with....


I don't mind the text, smaller maybe, and in one block under the dino, that would be alright.

Cap'n Menorah

all though i heart those dinos, good job


I love the skeleton, but not so much the font.

I think it's time Threadless got a dino tee-shirt out there.


How come you can design something with writing all over it as well as a picture and it gets accepted, but when I do it gets rejected on the grounds that it has too much writing?!

Still, I like this and it gets a 4.


FANTASTIC! I love dinosaurs...


the text reminds me of a shirt from Hot Topic
but what does that say about me?

los lobos

how do we know how smart dinosaurs were if we never even saw one alive? But im not a scientist either, o well.3


I agree w/ everyone else--love the dino skel, not crazy about the saying.


i definitely would like it better if you could show your concept without the text. the shirt doesn't scream threadless to me. i'd still buy it. 3.


i think most of the comments are true, this shirt could be printed but not by threadless. and if this were to be the only way i could see that happening is if you changed the design around but tried to keep that mesage. i don't know, nice idea.


The dino in the picture is a Deinonychus or some similar (same family as the Velcociraptor, remember Jurrassic Park?), a type believed to be among the most intelligent dinoaurs. (See the weird claw sticking out of the foot? Yeah. Distinguishing characteristic.)

Anyway, agreed: That is is a good design. That it is a funny concept. That Threadless is really a place for subtler stuff.


hehe my science teacher is always talking about how smart they were.


I like the text. It's funny because it is so blatant.


blunt. neat. i like.


I don't get it, because dinosaurs are notoriously NOT smart. Not only because they are reptiles, but becuase it is commonly known that they have brains the size of tennis balls.


Love the style. And I know everyone says this, but is the text really necessary? Some text good... too much text here.

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