Woman Of The Amazon Intimidate.

Needs more missing right breast.

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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i love naked bowhunting. But yeah, you shoulda cut off one of their tits. That's what makes amazons cool anyway.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Whoah...this is rad. I happen to like the titlessness. The tenticle-like outline is really wacky. 4.


I like the image of the girl on the left... I think that portrait could be further developed into a design of its own.


so amazons are white?


I hate it when people put their fantasies on shirts.

Ava Adore

very well done design.
dont know about the 'boobs' on the far right one being visible on the tee, I dont think ppl will like that


wouldn't wear this, but the chick on the left is bangin


Yeah, I would give this a $5 if it weren't for the woman on the right. I'm not wearing a shirt with naked breasts on it. My life is complicated enough.

matt casey

tits and bitches and bows, nothing better. 5

matt casey

oh and the ho with the arrows should have one of her nips showing, at least i think so


boobs earn you a $5 in my book


this is great I like this , love it. 5$ hope they print

Forever Zero

man peoplk hate it when there are naked boobies, I like it , but you know how it goes..."umm maybe if they weren't naked" I forsee a lot of those comments. 5$

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

I love it when people put their fantasies on shirts


I know some who would.

Shark_biscuit profile pic Alumni

Hmmmm...it appears ro be a mixed bag of comments, how convienient.


Tit-less is actually CORRECT . "Amazon" comes from "A" (without) and "mazos" (breaast). They cut off a tit to facilitate archery. (No Shit!)

However amazon wome are not at all from "the Amazon." They are a part of greek mythology.

Historically, Amazons were portrayed as beautiful women in Amazonomachies, which was an artform showing battles between the Amazons and Greeks.


i love the hair.
i'd wear it. i dunno if i'd spend 17$ on it tho...


not too many girls are going to wear this shirt.

Shark_biscuit profile pic Alumni

too many girls are gonna wear this shirt


hmmm I like the design except the one chick's boobs are kind of jacked up...they look odd


I'm a girl and I would totally wear this shirt. right on my boobs. 5$


Wouldn't buy it either way, but I really don't like the blank stare or the face of, the person on the right (the boob/bow girl.)


why must they be dripping?


oh my penis this is nice.


i love it on green, fantastic 5!

Entity Six

I love the design. I dont think Id wear a shirt with tits on it, despite my great love for tits.


awsome shirt if i had a job id but, but whered you get that template from?


I think the girl on the left is way hotter than the other two, and a completely different style. And I am a chick, and I would wear this, altho nipples are a bit questionable.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

awww, I never saw this one, love the green on blue

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