Music is LIFE

  • by Mangold
  • posted Nov 06, 2005

Ihave poured alot of time into this design. Its got three unique colors: on the white it has a gray, a darker gray, and black. It is also available on light blue and the colors are replaced by blues getting gradually darker instead of grays, I just couldnt put the blue on the same image and allow zooming and stay under the size requirements. Sorry.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: zoom in on it! it has alot of detail that should be seen!

All comments welcome, especially those that help me better my design skills! Thanks All!

Watch this

$5 can i vote again to give it another $5?! print it threadless, print it!


Wow! You weren't kidding about the detail Mangold.


GRAAAAAWR, i had another one that i sent in to replace this one, it was more of the same but it was on blue with a ghosted close up of the face in the bottom left on an angle... o wel... thanks for the comments all


sweet shirt man, if it gets printed, i'll definitely cop myself one because music IS life..haha i have that setence printed on my nano, my playskool casette player, and other random things, well gL..even though natural whtie shirts expose your shower nipples like no other...a different scheme might be cooler but this is still nice nonetheless


Ooo, I love it.


Very nice, the detail is great. Not something I'd wear, personally, but I could definitely see it on a t-shirt. :)

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice use of blends to create the hair and nice use of masks to create the patterned shades. I have some questions about some of the shapes, though...things like what is the big empty area above the hair above her eyes and why does her hairline stop so abruptly. It's a good illustration from the technical side, but it lacks any emotional punch that might help drive the message home. In fact, it has no emotion at all.


well it does say on the wire that 'Music is life'.. that drives the message home for me right there.. I agree with her hairline but other than that very awesome illustration and would look awesome on a shirt.


Holy crap that must have taken forever to make!


I agree with maggock. I can see that a lot of time and effort went into it, and it looks great..... although, it isnt something I see myself wearing.


girl could be very much prettier.... saying music is life?


Thanks for the comments guys, about the hairline: wheni ran this design by my friends they had questions about the hairline too, i tried making a few that were more smooth, but they all looked like shiiiiiizzzz. I couldnt get it to work out, and although this is more cartoony i think it looked better. I also played around with making her eyes closed, but that didnt work out euther, thanks again guys!


music IS life!


toobecca said it best- music IS life! I think for a t-shirt, the image would work better slightly brightened up. Otherwise, one of my favourites!




Fantastic ! Looking forward to seeing it on different coloured shirts though as white is not for everyone. :).


dude this is the best drawing its awsome i can tell you put a lot into it its awsome please threadless make this


i like it, you did a good job and it deserves printing.




wow, I love it. $5


I really love it except the forehead seems a bit off...


omg, best shirt me has seen in aaaaaaaaaaaaages!!! $5 for defo!!!


I like this one very much...
would be nice to see different colors.


love it! 5$


i second the comment about the hairline being too abrupt... though i didn't notice it until someone said something


I wish you had gotten it in earlier so they could have approved it and put it on the $10 sale! Can we have a link to the other colors if you have it?


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