"Roast Me"

  • by lszhou
  • posted Nov 04, 2005

i don't like the message.

Watch this

great illustration but the message is too sad.

sam says rawrrrr

from a distance it looks like its saying "roase me"


Another homage to Gary Larson

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The technique is so 1990's. With them double image with the catch image at the back.


OMG I love it!!!! I am a turkey girl -my birthday is sometimes on thanksgiving- so omg I would TOTALLY BUY IT LIKE RIGHT NOW!


Heehee. Sweet. I love turkey. Smother it in gravy with a side of stuffing and potatoes and turnip. Mmmm. Gods, I can't wait for thanksgiving. This design maks me laugh, which I beleive is the intention. Nice work.



i couldn't tell what it was saying at first. it looked like, 'raise me'.

it's okay. i personally wouldn't buy it.


Different colors though.


That's great, especially with Thanksgiving so near. I don't think it will get much support from PETA members though.


I would definitely change the T on the sign.. too easy to confuse with different letters as it is rite now.

Phantom Avenger

Very funny, a few comments though.... Most turkey's little sack thing (I don't know the proper terminology) is under their chin which might be a better placement because, as it is, it looks like a huge booger is drooping out of its nose. Also, perhaps it would be a bit more humorous if, instead of being nervous and scared, the turkey was oblivious of the "Roast Me" sign on the back. I'm just saying that because it almost seems like he knows it's there and I'm wondering why he wouldn't just pluck it off. Aside from that, very funny and who cares what PETA thinks, if they are offended by it, it'll probably just help the shirt sales.


Thanks for all the comments. I had no idea that a cartoon turkey would be so controversial.

Some folks commented on the legibility of the words. It is hard to read at the default size but if you click and drag a box around the words you can zoom in for a closer view. Perhaps it's more clear up close.


good concept, to avoid the cliche double print shirt with the catch on the back, maybe 2 turkeys on the front one lookin'/reading the sign posted on his turkey friend. maybe even a small silhouette of other turkeys chuckling at him.


I don't eat meat i find this deeply offensive... just joking... not my style though..

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