• by jadesin
  • posted Nov 02, 2005

it looks like baby JFK with a toupee

Watch this

i think your design is very coll! the war is a important argomentation in this time. i'd buy.


save the politics. this site isn't about "argomentation."


It looks like there are too many styles smushed together on it. There's the Greco-Roman looking leaf thingies, the realist child, the pseudo-pop-art looking tank thing, then on top of it all the scrolls which stick out even more because they're not distressed and the rest of the design is.

Mistress P

I think this design works even though I won't buy it. I like your illustrations. I think they are great. Good use of negative space for the tank. 4


great, this is the important massage it's no stupid t-shirt.
good luck Dedo i'm with you for your artistic inventiveness



I'm giving this a 5 because "Sweet Child o' Mine" is my karaoke jam.


jamco, i disagree. this is all about art.
and art reflects the world around us.
politics included.
i love the shirt. it's clever.

Poprocks Anonymous

I'm with pardonxme. On Threadless, I actually prefer the bold shirts that make a statement, be it political or not.
And besides, cute bunnies and emo references get old sometimes.
Great design, I'd buy it.

Sloppy Joe

i'm not getting into political territory, i just think it's a wicked graphic.

yay for the little war mongrel!

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