• by tesko
  • posted Oct 29, 2005

This is not clipart, I handcrafted all these images from scratch. Enjoy!

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I saw the exact same thing except it was in the shape of a 7

Who's came first?

btw, I like yours better...


like it better also... 5

EZFL profile pic Alumni

LyKe OmFg DoOo SuMtHiNg OrIgInAl FoR oNcE. dOoOd, ThYs Is HeLlA lIKe So CoPiEd OfF Of aNoThEr DeSiGn I lYkE vOtEd On EaRlIeR. YoU fUcKyN fAkE sajhfljdljdgfhgvhfdb666....

i really like the balloon for some reason; it just adds something to the design. 5. i dont care that much for the color choices you have posted tho.


That skull in there made me laugh.
Good job, tesko.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

awesome tesko...AWESOOME

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great job, def 5+$


light blue on black! awesome!!!


yeh this is good dan. how come theres a 5 in the corner? is that your attempt at subliminal messaging?

tesko profile pic Alumni

yes, but now you've blown it. not really, this was frame 5 of 6 but I forgot to remove it. I think it's my subconcious's attempt at subliminal messaging, hope it works ; )


Very good. I like it much better than the 7.

franx profile pic Alumni

i like this. i'd definitely wear it. good idea, good job, 5.

how can this miss? everybody likes stuff!


^_^ I could look at the little inamges all day and not get bored, it I owned this as a shirt I'd probably get thrown out of class for staring at my boobs all day. :P I love thsi idea!

Hope it gets printed!



Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you have 20 comments and you haven't even hit 100 scores yet, you two bit hussler you... hahaha subliminal 5

tesko profile pic Alumni

That 'staring at my boobs all day' comment is easily the best comment I've ever recieved


thats nifty. I like the red one.


we hayve a winnar

jublin profile pic Alumni

looks good. i like your color choices too. your good with the colors man, i gotta say.


Very Cool!! Dont use such bright shirt though, it'll just disappoint me cuz i wont wear it as often as i would like to.


Dunno which I should credit more, the idea or the work of doing all those clip arts by yourself and then having them fall into place.

The balloon really ties it up. Biggie style.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

what's that i hear? oh, it's just the sound of this tee getting PRINTED!

ca-ching $$$


That's a Wrap! PRINT IT!! green on black $5! I love discovering new elements in your shirt...the record hole spanner...freakin' awesome!

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

they are both really good
and it is really strange what the case can do!

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

by the way, after the second look i know they are different: looking at every single object, you can try to make a psychological portrait of the author, wich is amazing

swizz profile pic Alumni

I really don't want this turn in to one big comparison thing, I think this is just a case of synchronisity... But really, I love this, the balloon and the f'd up tennis raquet are awesome. 5 and buy all the way. Happy Halloween.

swizz profile pic Alumni

Print em both.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

curious about the teapot, the bird, and the icecream cone...

It would be A LOT cooler if it was all items along the lines of the symbols of corruption, violence, and blatant materialism. That is there but there are random things thrown in too.

Still, I really like the shirt and would buy it.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

oh yeah, and what's with the baloon? why do people think that's so cool?

tesko profile pic Alumni

the teapot, the bird, the icecream cone and the balloon? they're just things, whats more interesting is why you take issue with them


love the rhino.


I like it, I just wish the guns and needles and shit weren't so prevalent. Wearing shirts with so many weapons makes people look a little deranged.

staffell profile pic Alumni

What rhino?

I see an elephant.

Love this Tesko. 5$

Daniel James Diggle

Dan, something interesting for you maybee.


oh and banksy has released a book of his work. im getin it tomorrow, its the nuts. Oh and this saturday, harlow will be recieving simerlar work.......keep tuned


I like both this and the 7 design. They're both really cool, and I like the ideas. Even if they came from different people, it's a cool concept. A def $5. Keep up the awesome work.

P.S: I really like all the colors!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Shit, dude, 44 comments in one day!! Fuck.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Oh and i gave it a 5$ so you know.


and tesko the supermarket strikes again (and completely destroys my windscreen)


Yeah... no go on the 7, little too coincidental I think, seeing as you've had this posted on your blog for quite a while now. Nice one mate. I'll be well chuffed if it gets printed! I'd totally be willing to give up two tees for the one, which right now is killing me, but it'd be well worth it.


Love this, and your hand-made "clip art" is amazing! I like the pale blue on black best. :)


red is the best color combo. it seems like there needs to be more to the piece than just the items in the shape, like maybe some motion or a sub "story"....don't know.

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