His name is Hank and he's a deer friend of mine.

Based on the haunting legend of the Deermen, half man half deer and creepy as all hell... well at least to me.

Watch this

hahah yessssss 5


I'm not a big fan of the colors, but for some reason I like the design. No Idea.


like the red horns

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the green reminds me of john deer and i really like the pink suited one... dunno why.


I like it, but I don't like the colors.


Jager MR?
a straight business SHOOTER


i like everything but the bag. it should only have one handle if it is a briefcase. it looks too purse-like at the moment.

the colours are... a bit bright, but meh. it's a fun design. well done.


I love love love it. I dunno why I love it so much. But yeah. The green and yellow one reminds me of John Deere, though. I like the red one. $5, and I'd buy it.


I like the pink suited one, the green reminds me of John Deere...I'd buy it.


i would like more than just one on the shirt


Herne the hunter? he was in some episode of the 80's tv Robin Hood. And in Monsters in My Pocket series 2.


I like the pink one!! 4


are they on a stag night?


I would make it bigger and put all 3 of them on the shirt. 5


his name is hank and he carries a man purse.


placement needs to change, just looks kida boring in the middle...


-hums- I'll be your number one with a bullet, a loaded gun complex, cock it and pull it...

Nice way to jump o nteh Fall Out Boy!popularity bandwagon.


it wasn't until someone mentioned fall out boy on these comments that i even heard the name. i'm a hip hop head and don't keep up with too much rock. nothing against it just not my style. if this reminds people of fall out boy then it's by coincidence. my mistake y'all. check out some of my other designs as well.

Ghettobird Key

I love the one in the pink suit. Hes a pimp.<br /> <br /> Put him on a black shirt and ill definately buy it.


yeah, green & yellow is too john deere


OK- I see the connection to the fall out boy video, but it is REMOTE if anything. I think i would like this shirt better if all three deer were on it in the position showed in the preview! But I would wear it anyway!

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Kinda looks like a short-necked giraffe


i thought ti was like a travel bag or messenger bag thing...


sorry kie_ken, didn't see yours... obviously this failed anyway.

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