Mime Attack V2

  • by BadNanas
  • posted Oct 27, 2005

Remake of on old submission- Same pose but in a cleaner style and new face.

Be very careful not to "cheese of"' a mime. Mimes generally appear to be fairly docile creatures but they're really quite dangerous. A mime can hold a grudge for a very long time and when provoked will attack using stunningly quiet stealth, surprising his victim before hacking him to pieces and pretending to laugh like a psychotic maniac.

Watch this

mmm blue looks amazing 5 $ powerful illustration. I'm so happy we don't have any mimes around here :D


Ahhh The Mime... a truly unsung hero.

handy smurf

Love the overall design, not sure about the direction of the red and white stripes. Reminds me of an American flag.


i wish he wasn't a beefed up mime. perhaps a skinny mime... noone expects to be attacked by a skinny mime.


i agree that it should be a skinny mime, but it's still pretty cool.

marla singer

i think this is the super hero "mime with roid-rage"....

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

doesn't look like a mime. I wanna make a mime design too in the future.


Damn Hi-hats, thought the Warriors beat them fucks?


skinny mime and no words otherwise it would be perfect!


YES! mime are awesome. i totally get it. 5+$


Reminds me of ICP (Insane Clown Posse) or Leonardo TMNT don't know what to think....


It does make me chuckle a little

I don't know why though.


I'm not sure if this is supposed to be afrench ninja or a ninja clown... still good tho. 3

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