Chi Chi Hates Retirement.gif

Hey guys - My first submission - yeah I know there has been a Panda but you there are more than 1 in the world!!

I like the idea of Chi Chis life being crap away from the glare of the Media........

Chi Chi isnt very happy......

Watch this

This will all go to Chi Chi retirement fund!!! I have set up the Chi Chi charitable foundation so that we can buy her large cuddly toys, a plasma screen and a constant suplly of beer!!!!


I like Pandas.
I like Wheel Chairs.
I like broken legs.
I like the idea that Pandas wont be employed forever.

Serves them right, the non-shagging, crazy named, extinct species!


reminds me of enjoi shirts


Pandas are fun and so is this shirt, better then the other panda shirts I have seen recently 5


Great! Good stylization and the minimal use of color is spot-on. (ha ha, pun intended.)


I like this design. A nice combination of twisted and evil.

Is he holding a can of soda/beer or is it a begging cup? That part is a little unclear to me.


Haha, I love this shirt.


Love this, maybe the next one could be a panda on a mechanical bull.

or should that've been the one before this?


I love Pandas! This shirt, and the Pandamonium is in my Christmas wishlist.


This is awesome and a must have...$5


Cheers guys, thanks for all the support.

Im well chuffed with the scoring so far and im glad you guys love it.

Just so you know, Chi Chi is holding out a begging cup....she is desperate for a bud..........


ha ha ha ha ha ha - I WANT CHI CHI!!!!!

I HAVE to have this on a tee - not too sure on the tee colour but its a great graphic...


I like the composition and the concept, but isn't this like the 4th or 5th panda related shirt thats been submitted this year? I could be thinking polar bears, but that was the first thing I thought.

Otherwise super!


More polar bears recently... this is an awesome shirt. I love it! I especially love the little begging cup.


Nice idea! I really like it.

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