So dumb it's clever.

Watch this
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I'm voting a 5 for the simple reason that I've never seen an iron design on a t-shirt before

Candyman 187

U a fool 4 thiz one... itch!

one thug one nation

Candyman 187

n i wrote itch on purpose so be4 any of u dumb muthafuckaz criticize me... i waznt tryin 2 write ick..

one thug one nation


it took me a while, but i got it.

I like the iron, but not the words.... OHHH
iron ..ick.


AssemblyLineHuman looks like the iron is a D and it says "DICK!" =|


you got it buddy, congrats you get a gold star for the day


Candyman.... are you for real? Or should I say fo rizzle?

fangoriously world-class and grand

hey leave candyman alone, he just wants to get down with his homeboys and if he has to pop a few caps along the way then so be it!

well anyway
i really like your shirt, i dont know about the blah blue shirt tho but other than that its awsome


I wasn't a big fan of this shirt until i read pontoon's comment, and now Im a big fan $5.

Hahaha I cant wait to wear it and have people criticize me for wearing a shirt that says dick, and then I can be all "it says IRONIC - gutterbrain"

please please win!!!


Whether you are communicating
<Iron>ick! = Ironic !
or whether you are communicating
<D shape>ick! = Dick !
the speech balloon is unecessary.


oooo i like! all the comments are hilarious to a point until he finally got it. chill on it. not everyone is so fast.



I think the placement could be much better, like down in the right hand corner, nearer to the bottom hem. (Not on it!)


I don't do ironying

Love the artwork


i liked it before, and i like it even more now that i get it...
thanks everyone for spelling it out for me..



nice shirt. my only problem is i can't hit candyman over the head with a brick to make the world a better place.


Funny. 4$


The iron looks kinda like a happy dog at the moment... or I could be insane.
Meh. 5

beats candyman with an iron


ooooh it means ironic? ha. for a minute I thought the iron was a "D" and it spelled "dick" sorry about that... I like it otherwise!



i;m with loosing the speach bubble, but its well cool and gets a 5$.


Yeah, at first I thought it spelled DICK, and i was like, wtf?

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