Finalé Shore

Im really proud of this, was just playing around with vector techniques and im pretty happy with what came out.

and there are only 4 unique colors not including the shirt color

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I don't like the yellow so much.. But I'd definately buy it in red or blue ^_^



Really nice. The gold is very reminiscent of My Pet Human, so maroon or purple for me. Great work.


I like the yellow gold, but I'm afraid it wouldn't show up verywell!


wow. are you saying autotrace made this?!?! either way its awesome. i cant tell what it is and i would still buy it.


is there black? cause if there is! im buying it haha


Very nice. Would be much better in a different color.


i didnt think of black :/

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Gimme that blue!!

Is that a burning computer gas lift chair? :D


red or blue. cool design though.


I deem this submission acceptable and worthy. Very wearable. Beautiful work.


I thought it was an office chair, too, but from the name, I doubt it. Is it on water?

Anyway, it's very pretty. I like the blue.


Yeah...the fire is very pretty. I'm concerned about the size of her head next to the size of the chair. I like it, but I wouldn't buy it.


Jennifer: The head size is not ment to be in proportion with that chair, they arent righ beside each toher

and yes it is a chair.


Ooh, funky. It's very pretty and well done. Nice job. :D


love it on the yellow and the blue! its really good! one i would definitely buy in a heartbeat $5


like the red :) 5


OMG I LOVE THIS! this is just awesome, great detail and I love the color choices. Must be printed!


I lub. Seriously. Best one I've seen all week. I want.


I really hope this design gets printed. It betrays a real sense of calm. The fact that the colours are all similar means that the eye is simply drawn to it all the more. I would love to buy this t-shirt.

Mistress P

I love this shirt. Good eye for colours too. Good everything.
Love it. $5


you know....I like this shirt..I'm not sure whats going on ...but something has drawm me to it.................5$ just becuz...just becuz I love it. Great work...just great work...I really do hope it gets printed...for real.


Wow thanks guys i didnt expect it to get this many of good comments!


nice, but i don't get it


theres nothing to get... its just a design, it doesent have a hidden meaning.


Lovely in red. 5$


prefere the blue/purple one

Rebecca Jane

I love the design but I'm not so sure about it on a shirt. It's an amazing vector, though. Nice job man.


Is it supposed to look like she's breathing fire? I'm guessing probably so because it's near her mouth. But if it isn't supposed to look that way, you may want to move that firey column over a tad. This is a really cool design, either way. I too find a sense of calm to it, despite the chaos of the fire. I give you 5. Nice work.


I have no idea what it means. I'm sure it's open to interpretation, but all that matters is that it's a very pretty shirt. I love it in yellow. $5


its smoke.
i kind of realize how chaotic the design is.

is a gunslinger

Black and green would look awesome. But I like red too. 5$. Great job.


I like it....first one I have left a comment on yet and I'm looking though the for the past hour looking for insperation. =) Thanks!


Very beautiful. My one criticism is that the design looks too light. Maybe that's just on the yellow though.


I really like the look of this! The time and love spent really shows. The only thing I can say is that the colors need to be a little more contrasting, I know being subtle is what you are going for probably, but it needs just a little more pop. other than that great illo buy it in a heartbeat. $4


wow, thia is really good. the fire kind of scares me, but I guess I just don't know what it signifies.

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