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This is a sort of refinement of my earlier "barrel of love" submission. Let me know what you think

Watch this

Flash seems to have thinned out the lines the slightest bit from the original illustrator file. So it appears just a little lighter than it should. fyi


let me know what you think


i really like it. im tired of things that look like they were made in illustrator, with bold lines and solid colors - the best part about this illustration is the fact that it just looks like a simple line drawing. the color selection is good too, hinting at the whole valentines day thing...well done.


Love the illustration! I'd definitely wear this.


i like the image a lot, different placement perhaps


nice work.


great artwork, someone can actually draw still...keep it up!

gummi profile pic Alumni

so you didnĀ“t draw this in flash? cause that what it looks like...


fantastic! I love it how it is $5


A-mazing $5

john_wally profile pic Staff

you dont see the over-under shot gun enough these days. well drawn and a five.


Check out my profile to see what this looks like in illustrator


how can he aim with his eyes closed


if you'll notice, never fear, his eyes are open. This was something I did forsee however, and I figured it was okay because I figure love can be pretty indiscriminate (blind anyone?).


rock on! I'd like to see it in some other colours though...


I love to see some colors, too...

I love the idea. Well. I can take it multiple ways. Yeah. Lovely style.


Great illustration..... are those tears in the cupid's eyes....
It looks like the cupid doesnt want to shoot but knows he has to!



Wow, this is amazing, and it most likely has some metaphorical meaning behind it all.

I like it.


Love it! Maybe s'more color choices but I love it as is. I would So buy this!


Beautiful! I really like this one.

Not a fan of the pink (but I'm typically not). Different color shirt?


Thanks to all of you for your suggestions! I've posted a few color variations of the design on my blog. Let me know what you think of those too.


On your blog I like the yellow and grey


a 5....but a $5 if it were printed on the blue shirt you have in your blog :)

da creepsta

would like it in a different color scheme... white on black perhaps?


I'm not gonna lie, it turns me on.
Pink is good, but if you want different colour schemes, go for it.

Mistress P

I love the illustration. Good style. Simple and nice.
However colours are a little off. Go for other colour schemes!


Check out my profile/blog for alternate color schemes.


green and black look amazing. great design! 4$


another color!!!!


this shirt is amazing! i would buy it if there was another color.


Oh my god!!! I MUST have this!!!
It's perfect just how it is,
don't change a thing...You're awsome!


Cupid + a rifle = $5


I really like this. The only thing that bothers me is that the left hand looks a little awkward. But that doesn't matter too much. The other thing is I know it's just a cupid for heavens sake, but I sort of want to see some kind of twirly linen covering the 'nether regions' and then kind of coming off and blowing in the wind. You know all those pictures of the cupids and they've got the long strip of cloth kind of wrapped around them and then the ends are kind of floating in the air? Just a suggestion, But I still like it a lot and it works out wonderfully.


It looks like the angel is focused
on his/her groin instead of making
sure he/she gets a good shot off.
And, no, the idea of it being a blind
cupid doesn't fly since there's no
indication he/she is blind.


cover the PP


lovin it. other colours might be nice.
i'd buy it in pink, though.

Nathan Griffin
Nathan Griffin profile pic Alumni

I love the design but my opinion is that it should be smaller and centered on the shirt. 4


yea. the first thing i noticed was that her eyes are closed. this is before reading the comments, mind you. i like the sketching part of it though.


This is beautiful. Well done.


5...perhaps the green or grey shirt tho...?


i really like it, but maybe on a differnt color, i dont think the red on pink does the image justice

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