I Heart You

  • by luconius
  • posted Oct 23, 2005

Oh my gosh!! that Panda ripped out his own heart!! I am gathering that this is another one of those anti-cliche shirts from a person who hates panda shirts and heart shirts. Or maybe you actually like both.

Nonetheless, I'm not too sure about the patch between his legs, if you take my meaning. The heart was a little hard to see as well. If you have an extra color, you may consider a different shade of red or a different shade of panda.

Kinda funny though

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The panda looks like a sloth.


I think the "incision" on the chest looks a little too angular and sharp. If it ripped it's own heart out I would imagine it to look a little more fleshy I guess. I would give you a $5 with JUST the panda in that pose but with the whole ripped out heart thing I'm going with a 3. I like the artwork!


Yeah, it looks to me like he has a stake in his stomach. The crotch patch is also a little odd.


lol awkward...i couldn't see the heart at first...yeah.


eeeey... poor panda. :(
i think the heart should be in that other darker shade of red; it'll stand out more...


awww i think this is so cute! me like!


i definitely couldn't see the heart at first. and for a second i thought the so-called "crotch patch" was supposed to be a heart because it's almost shaped that way, so it should go. i dunno, maybe the heart is too realistic for a stuffed-looking panda


Yes, the tail between the legs has absolutely got to go. And I guess he used an exacto knife or something to make the incision, and it's still in there?
Clean it up and I'd buy it.


It took me a while as well... if the imagery was clearer I'd give it a 5... as it is 2


I like it.

A self-injuring panda.

way awsome.



He's got fangs! And I love them!

And I agree with the above crotch patch/heart color statements.


The surrogate-scrotum is a bit odd. Otherwise, it's neato.


clean it up - the tail, the incision and the weird stomach -and it'll be a big ole 5

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