And the Joker Got Away.

  • by Rockslide
  • posted Oct 21, 2005

Jingle Bells! Batman Smells! Robin laid an egg. The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away, hey!

The holidays are quickly coming up and I wanted to do a fun holiday shirt that was a little subtle so you can wear it whenever. This is based on the batman jingle bell lyrics. I don't know how familiar everyone is with those. This is the old 1966 batmobile and apparently it doesn't carry a spare so bats had to walk all the way back to the Wayne Manor.

The Joker is laughing away, in fact if you look in the tree there, you will see his smiling face looking down upon the car. (the branches make a joker face)

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cshimala profile pic Staff

Holy Sardines... this is rad!


That's amazing! The drawing is fantastic!

I'm not even a huge batman fan but I'd still wear this!

Five and a buy for sure!


Dude! you've got a whole scene going on over there!! 5$

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

wonderful, i'd buy the hell out of this



Just kidding.

I'd still buy it, though.


To all the future designers out there :

Now that's how to use the opening
comment slot to introduce a design.
So many designers don't use that
opportunity and many use it poorly.

to Rockslide : You get a 5 and a $ Buy $
for this amazing design. Perfect shirt
color too !


Love it. Buy it indeed.


sweeetness. love the creepy joker face tree. very nice touch


are there any words to describe the love for this shirt and the admiration for you??? no i think not


I've just been staring at those trees for about two minutes - then The Joker slapped me in the face. Very nice touch.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Flippin' gypsies! I just barely woke up and came to check if my shirt finally got put up and here I find all this hubbub and excitement. You people have made my day, no- I dare say, my entire month, or whats left of it at least. I had a lot of fun with this shirt and I'm glad that the idea is coming through. I showed it to a bunch of friends before I submitted it and half of them were like, "what? I don't get it." And then I started to lose some faith and began to sink in the water and here you people pull me back up! Thanks for all the positive remarks. I've checked out a lot of your profiles and you are all awesome, I have to give a shout out to label cause he made the hungry hippo shirt which I bought and love, thanks man!

I submitted a new shirt last Thurs. which should be up soon! Be sure to watch for it, its a fun one too.


Lovin' it


Excellent work. Very funny and intelligent.


the attention to detail is fantastic- forensics could probaly tell if bats had a boner by looking at those footprints. $5
oh and the joker face rules!


great execution 5$


I like the footsteps. Batman obviously couldn't fix his own flat tire, and that I find hilarious.


However the swatches don't match all the colors. Remember, black and white count as two of the colors.


Oops, please disregard what I just said ^^^. "shirt colors" refers to the shirt color.. duh.. Of course, I'd be curious to see what would happen to all the blues in this color if the shirt was changed.


I give you a five and a lot of comments!!

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Thanks J-Ray! If I can get the number of comments up to 347 this might have a chance! I just realized that two of those shirt colors look the exact same, when I saved it as a gif it must have cut the colors down and made them the same, one is supposed to be a gray/slate, and the other is more a tan/khaki.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Jingle bells batman smells, Robin flew away.
Wonderwoman lost her bosoms flying T.A.A

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

btw 5$, even though i prefer my version of the jingle bells batman lyrics better.


I think everyone pretty much covered the possible comments. So... 5$


5 $ - lol. - i want this.

Everett Simmons

This must be made, it'd be a crime against humanity if it wasn't.


Wow, you've already gotten big praise from two of the Threadless it's officially just a matter of time ;)
I loved it at first glance, but once I put the song and shirt together my head pretty much exploded. Great great work with all of the subtle detail - it's nice to see someone who actually cares about putting effort and detail into their submissions.
Just fantaaastic. 5$

Terry Citizen

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this shirt!
Great design concept with wonderful execution! 5$


Its awsome
I could see the siloettes of batman and robin going down over the hill
also maybe something jokerish that caused the flat tire...jacks...jack in the box with a nail...a sharp toy....


Finally! A decent submission is in the queue!

This shirt is just about perfect in every way, from your post introducing the shirt, to the title, to the composition itself. I cannot wait to buy this shirt.



I feel like an idiot asking this, but what's the thing sticking up out of the car? Is it Batman with a knitted hat and mittens, shaking his fists? (That was my original guess, but your description said he's gone to get a new tire, so now I'm really confused.)

But I still think it's gorgeous and I'd buy it. Joker in the tree is an amazing touch.

Bobby Bonbons

The lack of any real people gives the shirt a very static feel; you're not forever waiting for someone to move. Brilliantly executed shirt!

Five with money.


isn.t the car copyrigthed? anyway good design


wow, amazing detail! I love the tree! $5


to redsugar :

That thing sticking up out of the Batmobile works just like
a police car flashing light. Here's a URL showing it lit up

Here's some more URLs that show :

an actual Batmobile and a model so you can see
how amazing Rockslide's illustration is

two homemade versions of Batmobiles for laughs

an incredible concept car of the Batmobile


i love how you used the branches
very clever!


wooooooo! that is so totally awesome.
very nice jorb.


awesome dude! I love how the background isn't square or circular

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Awesome guys! Thanks again for all the great comments, I appreciate them a ton. I'm really glad to see people getting the idea and design behind this piece.

to redsugar: at first I thought you meant the car jack in the front, and I was like "what the flip!?!, batman in a hat and gloves?" then I realized you meant the bat beacon and I laughed my head off. helo was right, and thanks a ton helo for all the ref pics and such. I got my ref from some guy who had like devoted his life to this old batmobile. I think he must have had bed sheets, a singing toothbrush and batmobile moonboots.

You people rock! Thanks for everything.


I'm not a huge batman fan, but I'll wear this!!! $5! I love all the detail you put in, especially the footprints!! ^--^

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