Another Captain

Finally, i add in some veges, modify a bit the spoon

Dude, but i still love he is an oriental chef more than others

haha:) , maybe i'm oriental

Watch this

this is really fucking cool. captain america is, like, the most awesome superhero of all time. he'd whoop up at iron chef.


...Dunno about taking on Sakai (he's good!), but.... yeah. I like the movement here -- good job on the render! ......Sadly, I'd buy. I'm so addicted to childhood obsessions.... and cooking.

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you guys can study others comment from my blog

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I would like to see the shield incorporated into the "chef" theme a little more. My first thought is that it is shaped like a wok... or just a big bowl of something.

But as it is, I'm a little confused by the purpose of this parody. I look at it and think... "captain america.. as a chef." Is that the entire message being portrayed?

Relating to execution, the outer red ring of the shield and his glove get really lost without any definition between them. You could potentially use the darker blue (shirt color) to create some sort of an outline for the shield there.

Jus A Rascal

This shirt is awesome, but I agree that his shield and glove do seem to blend together, thus bleh spot. 4/5

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Hmm... maybe the shield IS supposed to be a bowl... Definately need to work with the shield and the hand to properly define what each is doin.


The sheild as a huge pan is a great idea,
but it's sure hard to perceive it's a pani
(maybe that's what you intended ).
Also, the ladle needs to be fixed so it
doesn't resemble a mace.


^ " pani " should be " pan "


agree with helo, make the pan handle (snigger) a different colour or detail the hand a bit.


This is freaking cool, i like the color scheme and concept, bravo ! 5 !

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I love this!

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thanks guy, and i'll try better next time


omg i love it


blue usagi

AAAh!! threadless is being taken over by a hoard of superheroes!!
>< some of them are actually good though...
what's more is that they all seem to be DC comics

yours is creative, tho!! 4

ryan austin

you should of called it "Iron Chef America"

ryan austin

The spoon would be better of as one of those whisker things, but it's still a cool desighn.


$5. Betchu this one sells out fast.


use your own character and that would put this over the top.
what is it about this design or this gag that needs someone elses owned character to get the joke across ?


Absolutely -awesome- To be honest, I dont think it needs any tweaks at all. The whole point of it being funny is that its a parody of captain america, changing it to another character just wouldnt have the same effect. Marvellites understand this one best :)

I'd buy it.



Great concept. I was a bit confused by the hand/wok things... but other than that... very solid and cool.


this is awesome

the hands need to be reworked, especially with the wok
try having the arm stick out more from behind the wok...

other than that... its a buy


very nice illustration, 4.

Johnny kickers

hmm.. ur design doesnt flow very well.. the body of the superhero is detailed with shadow but the hands, the shield/wok, vegetables and cutlery are not.. it kinda bothers me, but overall i think the concept is almost there.


god the foreshortenting of the illustration alone is really really good. i like it.


wuts up with the chef thing? its jacked up. but cool


captin america is awesome!


Iron chef america.... cute.

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