Hooray for Handstands


Watch this



hehe i love how it will only work when doing a handstand

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It works on most colors, I know threadless tends to be anti-text but I like it.


great idea! 5 and buy my friend!


Pretty clever, almost made me laugh. I did smile though. I like the grunge overlay on it too, I think that turned out really well.

Haha. It seems more logical to have put the tshirt right side up and see the design how it's suppose to be and then have the text you look at to read and observe 'upside down'.


very nice... good work on the text


it would cost maybe 6 dollars to go to Hobby Lobby and do this with a blank shirt and some iron on letters or transfer paper...



Wait... Do you do the handstand or the other person?! Touchè.


I really like the idea, but i'd prefer it with hand-drawn letters instead of this photoshopped font. I dont like that used/damaged look. It looks too much "random tourist shop".

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It is a hand drawn font dirived from cooper black (notice how each letter is shaped differently) and the distressing is not a filter. It is done by taking a black xerox copy, crumpling it up so the wrinkles turn white, scanning it, converting the white wrinkles to vectors and then adding them to, or subtracting them from the image.


I like it and your technique is very interesting. I'd like to try it. I think the effect you have works and I wouldn't change it. It reminds me of the early 80's when I actaully did handstands, like everyday! :)


Holy Moly I LOVEEEE THIS SHIRT!!!!!!!!! I woulad definately buy it!!!!!!!


Great idea... looks good as well


i like this shirt because it's funny and clever. it's got a joke to tell, but it's not trying too hard. it's just like, "fuck, if no one else thinks this is funny, i'll still be laughing my ass off." that kinda self-assuredness is great. also, i like the text. and i don't think i've ever even SEEN that shade of brown on this site before. $5.


Slap it on black shirt and you've got my money. 5$.


i love the style but i wouldnt pay $15-17 for it. sorry. maybe if there was some sort of imagery. Maybe a person in your style of drawing who is doing a handstand on top of the word 'hand'. It might be kinda funny cuz the dude would be right-side up, just kinda hanging onto the letters, when you're not doing a handstand. just an idea. i do like the worn-in look, too.


Its very Old Navy...


who says "touché" to something they just said. gosh.

shirt: good idea.


...I don't think adding a person or anything to this would make it better. I think it's supposed to be just like this. In my honest opinion. I don't think I'd buy it, because I always hurt myself by doing handstands, but.... yeah.


i love it but i cant do hand stands -_-


Cute, I could see this being sold at almost any store. 5


i love this in orange and green and ur technique is really cool


love the machine washed look... 5$


AH snap


awwwwwwwwwwwww orginal. i would've NEVER thought of that hah.


my friend wrote 'remember: you are STILL drunk' upside-down on his shirt once- this reminds me of that. $5

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