In the spring of 1997 regular gas was .93 a gallon in Pennsylvania. I remember this becuase it was my senior year in High School and I drove a 1990 jeep cherokee 5 speed manual transmission. I loved that truck.

Ahh the memories...

Watch this
Casual T.

the graphic is really powerful. nature always wins. she's a mother.


Now this I love.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great texture and color combination...


... yeah, I remember seeing it for .79 in Toledo.


yes nice texture i like it


i like it except the texture seems a little dated. is it supposed to be sponged or distressed? plus it needs some context (like 1997 from your description) to really pack the punch.


unique idea.


very nice indeeed..i would like the print alittle smaller though.

good work! 5 points awarded.


very fine!$5


gorgeous. really well executed as well.


Love it. If the graphic was smaller, I'd buy it :)

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I think this design rocks and would make me look 93lbs smaller 5


I like the art/texture/style a lot. Just do'nt know if I'd want to wear a gas price, even though it's a better one than we've got going these days. But I like the style a lot. I just wouldn't buy it. Or if I did, I just wouldn't wear it. 4.


I wouldn't wear it, but I love the style and texture of the design. I look forward to seeing more work by you ^^


March of 1998, $.99 a gallon in the Chicago suburbs. <sigh>


I remember those days!


Very nicely done... if gasoline was still $0.93 per gallon, I'd be putting it in the kids' cereal instead of milk!


ah the days of cheap gas prices... no gallons up north tho. ;P but still cool idea. [but it's the number's actually pretty close to actual prices right now - it's approx 105.9-110.5 cents/L]


oh how i miss when gas was cheap. 1.23 a litre... not cool. Damn Canada! Damn middle of nowhere! Damn! You're shirt is great though! $5


Gas was never that cheap in Idaho......... feh. I remember a .98 c/g in Texas in 2000, though.

I like this a lot, but maybe a bit smaller?


Great work. Love the subtle differences in the four colors and the design is strong and compelling. Reduce the image by at least a athird, so the extreme left and right aren't under the armpits. You've already got my $5.

lemon of pink

for some reason there have been a lot of gas related designs lately, but i must say i think this is the most original. that being said, the flowers confused me at first. i thought you were making some environmental statement.


I really like this shirt. I'd buy it =] $5


In the spring of 1975 regular gas was .23 a gallon in Ohio. I remember this becuase it was my senior year in High School and I drove a 1970 chevy nova (same engine as a corvette, just different body). I loved that car.

Hmmm.... 22 years to go up .70, and then 8 years to go up 2.00. Or, it quadrupled in 22 years, and then it tripled in 8 years. I wonder if this is a just a temporary thing?


I like it alot but i think the design could be smaller and lowered on the shirt maybe an inch or so.


brings a tear to me eye.... ah... those were the days.... great design too...


it should be smaller.. but... yeah, pretty nice design!


original idea + nice display = 5$ :D


i really like the design. since i'm from germany, the texture has nothing to do with me, but i'd wear it. (gas around here is about 4,73€ a gallon, which means 5,70 dollar!)


make it smaller and its a winner 5$


very nice, I think I'd like to see a green graphic on the dark grey tee.


VERY nice!


I like this, especially the texture of the image. Very cool. 5$


i love this. alot. i just bought it. i had decided not to buy more shirts for awhile, but i couldn't help getting this one.


My friend (Jonny Freedom) has this shirt i've been looking around the whole site for it.. this is such an awesome design and looks better in real life. :)

Vincent Stonehenge
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When I bring I bring fo real. This shirt makes brains, you heard! Sexy rexy. That's Grossman style for those out of the Chi-town area.

Vincent Stonehenge
Vincent Stonehenge profile pic Alumni

Truthfully this shirt is shit. I made this shit with the intent to win. No offense, and those that feel that they have been had, get over it. Design embodies pain, stress, less and rest. When you hate it, it means you dig it, when you love it, it means you're not intimidated by it. Speak your mind and keep it less "remember, be nice!"

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