Summer of '77...

  • by eoin3
  • posted Oct 19, 2005

For those of us who lived through the summer of '77, recaputre some of that magic in this simple but timeless design. For those of you who were not yet with us that summer...relive it again for the first time....

LOL...! ok...but seriously I hope you enjoy the design. drop a vote and a line to let me know how ya feel!

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the boat(?) outline looks weird, i can't really tell what it is


Brilliant. Mother f-ing brilliant. LOOOOOOVE.


Boat thing? BOAT THING? Its a hovercraft from the original Star Wars- A New Hope. This shirt rocks!


haha, ^^ tee hee funny. Yea, I like it myself, but it looks like one of those billabongs summer shirts you'd get at a normal store. Though I love the colours =]


oh this is sooo sweet:) very nice job, i love it!!


I cannot honestly say I remember the summer of '77, or that I am a great fan of those movies (except empire which is awesome), but this is still the bee's knees. Kudos!


this is WAY better than just the bee's knees this is the bee's FUCKING STINGER!!!

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

I think that this is one that could actually benefit from text. These types of shirts usually have the thin font under them saying "Acapulco '83" or "San Diego '76" What if this had "Tatooine '77" under and to the right. That would help people understand it and make it look even more retro. Just my two bits. Great idea.


agree with the Rockslide idea
Tatooine '77 !


Hey Thanks everyone for the great comments so far! Rock!

Rockslide: you have a good point and I discussed that with a few people and thought on it real hard but decided that enough people get scored low when they add text that I didn't want to risk it and I think the subtle ness of the design plays well on its own...almost like .."oh hey look at the ordinary beach design t-shirt..oh Wait..OMG is that a land speeder?? Sweet dooood where can I get my hands on one of those wicjed hot shirts? and I'd be all, "At Threadless my good man!" and they'd say, "At no time in my life have I felt so complete then when I'm in the presense of such an extrordinary work of pure genuis..." to which I'd reply, "oh go're just saying that." and they's go, "dude you are a god in my eyes and I will go spread the word of your shirt across the land and the world will be naked no more! As GOD is my witness I will be Naked No More!"...

you know...something like that...ehem*

bortwein: Dood you were dead on with that Idea and the shirt color (if threadless can do it on that color) anyway Thanks I owe ya!


I don't even need to pad this blog. Right on! They like it! Hey Mikey!

Well, was there any doubt?


Yep, I love it lots. =)


2 things. 1 - lucas arts comes down hard one ven fan sites, i dunno what whould happen to this. and 2 - what's with the tree.. or is that a homage to the original design?


Zalo: both good questions...
1. this image is a parody or at the very most is of a star wars theme and while it uses vague imagry from the movies and references the movies it's in no was a violation of copy right. There are several designs on this sight and all over the place that reference popular films without violating copy right.

2. the tree is merely to give the image the sense of a beach -like scene. you know like those old Ocean Pacific t-shirts. It's what gives the design a subtle hook...looks like a beach scene but then you look closer and hey...that's a land speeder...

anyway...hope you like it, If not I'm sorry to offend but i appreciate you taking the time to comment.


hope no longer... I like it.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Is that a submarine and a space-age mosque?


left: that's what the entrance to luke skywalker's ho,e on tatooine looked like
right: land speeder


ho,e = home


don't change it it's perfect the way it is! i'll take two!!


loes it. i was not there in 77 but i'm a huge fan anyways :) 5$ and buy

skello2 profile pic Alumni

i love the design and would buy it....but what is w/ the palm tree? i ...maybe someother icon.....

Ady bear




Thanks everyone! :)


Sweet Ady! I appreciate the support!

Asian Candie

AWESOME! I have an old picture like that consept from the early 90s


This shirt is nothing short of genius!! 5 and a buy definitely. I don't know if I can live without this shirt.


I thought it was SW.... I'd buy it right off if it were printed. The colors are great, and the feel is so nice.


I have to say i hope you win this. This has to be one of my favorite designs i've seen yet!! It completely wins me over dude! I love it!!!!
Star wars rocks!!!!


this is awesome. i love it! 5 and buy.


looks like a t-shirt my friend has..but not quite. i like it. $5

tesko profile pic Alumni

Shaweet. can there be too many star wars shirts? Of course not! I like the way each horizontal line is of a uniform distance from the next. ; )



Yes, please! This is perfect for me, all the kids at my high school wear the original Hollister or whatever the fuck it is version of this shirt. A must-have for me.


Fantastic idea + execution. <333
5 for suuure


Dude, i'm a loser, maybe, but, I LOVE STARWARS, and this SHIRT!
Its a must print!


I'm not even a big star wars fan, but I like this shirt. I mean, it took me a second to notice what it was (I was paying too much attention to the top few stripes and the use of negative space), but I really like this.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

4$, anything but Maroon. When I think of shirts like these, I've usually seen them on a faded yellow or natural tee. Charcoal might be dope too. We'll see, for of course this will be printed...the star wars geeks must have another in their collection.


One of the better Star Wars shirts I've seen in a long time :)

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

slowly creeping ahead. . . .


Funky. That Tatooine 77 or Mos Eisley Playboys text could open this up a bit.


That's flippin' sweet. $5

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