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AWww.... I'm not sure about the placement of the words, and I might like to see some shading on the front elbows to make it more perspective-y, but I still love.

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Crazy Liz

umm...hello??!! super cute. where can i buy it??


since most people are emo I don't think a shirt that says happy on it will do too good

Dark Visions

*too well!
Damn your english skills! Just kidding...
anyways, the cuteness of this shirt would cheer up the emo-ist of emo kids!


What the heck is up with the front legs?


weird.. not the first think I associate with HAPPY. :/


His front legs are too long


so, the dog is happy about the fack that someone lopped off his front legs and then replaced them with monkey arms? fuck, that is one layed back dog. i wanna chill with him. we'll sit on the front porch sipping lemonade and looking at the rainbows made by our neighbors' sprinkler systems.


Is the dog suppose to be a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver?? Never thought I'd see one of Threadless, but that's my Rudy! I'll surely buy... but I agree, the front legs are a little long.



I had one too. Her name was Goldie she recently passed away. She was the best dog ever.


that's an odd looking dog.


It's cute, just make the legs smaller =)


If you fix the dog up this shirt would be pretty nice. I find not just the front legs screwed, I find the whole dog very "cut and paste the random body part".

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

jackandapes i really admire you for that comment!!! LOL


Something is wrong with the front legs, but other than that, so cute! Looks just like my Border Collie/Whippet cross! Adorable!


Just for the record, his legs are REALLY that long . . .


Yes, the legs are long, but it is a very cute shirt. I don't think I'd buy it, but I'll give you a 4.

Crazy Liz

ok, do you guys not get that his legs are crossed in front of him?!? The legs are gives him character<3

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

yes i know its crossed in front, but dogs don't sit like that which makes the illusion of him having long legs. and long, they really are.


I know the model . . . he crosses his legs all the time.

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