Lost Cape

  • by cchana
  • posted Oct 18, 2005

Superman left his cape behind, but at least it wasn't his pants!

Watch this

it looks like the same telephone booth from the calling home tee shirt


telephone booths are often quite similar


awesome concept, but I think the booth needs a bit more detail


the idea is funny but i prefer Glenn's "Calling home" t.


wait... is it illegal to wear two shirts with a telephone booth on them?

anyway, the booth itself could use more definition and the cape needs to be more obviously a cape. great idea though.


i would like two shirts with phone booths on them.
but maybe i am just living on the edge.


5 for idea,2 for execution.....3


I love it!!!

Superman's a dude!

Big Sexual

Great idea, but where's the phone?

Derry Farm

I've seen this before but it's still funny.


it's illegal to wear two threadless t-shirts at once.

the question is, do you want to own two phone booth t-shirts? I think the second one would have to be killer....


this is the central problem that classical composers have been wrestling with for two hundred years or so, every since Beethoven. Given everything that has come before, do you want to make something wonderful but just like the other stuff, or do you want to strike out into new places? In classical music, folks decide to strike out into new places to the point where they build what seems (at first blush) to be unlistenable. Just to be different.

just so, each new threadless t-shirt lives in the context of all the threadless t-shirts that have gone before....


I'd suggest quite a bit more work on the booth -- it's a good outline, but it doesn't look very 3-dimensional. Not really a DC fan... so... yeah.

Why does Superman need a cape, anyway?


steve_swartz is getting all intellectual when he really means that this shirt is just derivative and doesn't warrant a win, because there's already a Threadless shirt with a similar theme. Try again!


awesome on the blue


Ditch the grey, great idea and design.


If there could be a silhoutte of superman in the background.... or a bit more information, like text.

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