post secret

does anyone else love this site?

well i was reading the secrets and there is one that is almost all black and in the corner says "i'd follow you into the dark."

i looked at the card some more and realised that the threadless logo is in the black/grey section of the card.

i just thought it was weird and worth mentioning.

Watch this

Worthy of being mentioned on here already by other members.


I saw that, haha. Someone who didn't know how to make a post card? Or maybe they mean they will follow Threadless.


or they are from threadless, leading the wey into the murky abyss?


oh sorry, i didnt notice it was mentioned :\


i think it's kind of creepy.

but i do read post secret in general. religiously.

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I don't think it's intentional because when I draw or doodle, it'll be on anything. Like right now, I've just doodled on a sales quote that I need to submit to my director... I'll have to erase that doodle or print up another sales quote, ctrl+p

That person took the postcard that Threadless send with every order, used a marker, didn't try to vainly 'balcken' the background, printed out a piece of paper with the quote/message and pasted it on. It's beautiful.

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scroll down to the FAQ section on that main page and you'll see why

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Did The All-American Rejects Steal Your Images For Their Music Video?

No. The band made a generous donation of $2,000 to the National Hopeline Network. They were given full permission to use PostSecrets in their MTV video.

(To date, over $4,000 has been raised for 1-800-SUICIDE.)

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