Be Free

  • by WillyT15
  • posted Oct 13, 2005

comments please!

Watch this

Free from what?

Anyway, I would like it more if the bird/fish/alien/rhino was not black. Go with another blue or a complimentary color.

tiger obrien

you don't need the text, and it would be better not in black. good luck, though, i like it.


In this case, I think the text fits.


Oh look! ANOTHER ONE OF THESE SHIRTS!! There's this thing called creativity, use it. Sorry to be so horribly mean, but these shirts get designed and sent in every five minutes!!! Same with those pesky CD/cassette/record ones.


The flow is nice. Like the color choices, but I don't like how the thingy looks like it might be grabbing a boob.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

it looks like a flying fish.


Reminds me of my cockatiel. Awwww..... A bit big, but I like it. It'd look better as a girl shirt than a guy shirt ,though....


very perty and soothing. i like how the swirlies flow with the design and are not just placed randomly on the shirt like i've seen on some other shirts. good job!


i'd say it reminds me of one of those ancient birds from the pokemon movie, but that would result in admitting i've seen it. well.

and "pesky cd/cassette/record ones". it. was. a themed contest.


The flying fish thing is pretty.


amazing, i love the way it looks like its flowing



I'm sorry, but it just seems saccharine and unoriginal. "Be free" - I just got an image of a poster of an eagle flying with the words "don't be afraid to soar" in some pathetic manager's office.

If you lose the words, at least it looks kind of cool.


I agree with mechro, it's a pretty quiet design but the words push it over into cliche.


c'mon. are you serious? of course not. you can't be.


so pretty, remove the words though, in my opinion

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