Shave it.

  • by keoshi
  • posted Oct 12, 2005

Hope you like it

Watch this

I do like this a lot - A 5 from me!


yeah! just love it! :P


oooh its a sheep! first i thought it was a dog and i wonderd what kind of sick bastard you were :P good design nice and clean. Funny idea as well il give it a 4 because it sort of looks like a dog. good job


there is an hide sex message? ;-)


throughmirror: you tell me xD

Derry Farm

LOL yes I think. " Shave it "


Wow!! Best shirt EVER!


it looks like a big cat! Well executed, I like.


Am I the only one catching the innuendo here ... ?

It's supposed to be a cat ...



if i was drinking anything i would have spit it all over my monitor..
But yea, i dont know


thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments and critiques :)

Just want to say it's supposed to be whatever animal suits your 'needs' because each person has it's personal interpretation and what really matters here is the 'hidden' message ;)


should look like a cat otherwise, "shave ur sheep"? it's still really funny though, now: $4, w/a clear cat image: $5 and i'd buy it.


lol...I think it looks like a sheep. It would have to be a frickin mountain lion for it to be a cat.


blandford: I designed it to be a sheep. 'We' do that a lot in my region, that's why I chose that animal. I think whatever animal a person sees they will immediately think in the second message, not the animal they see.
I can draw.



Look don't laugh at me but I am in New Zealand right now... and, even as a joke, you would not say you "shave" a sheep. You'd sound foolish.

If you said SHEAR IT, then I'd be very happy.


Haha this reminds me of NOFX's Heavy Petting Zoo album cover for some reason, yet not as bad.


Yeah, I could never wear this in Australia cos of the shear/shave thing, though wouldn't it say 'screw it' on a New Zealand version. (just jokes people)

B Lo

I got a good laugh from all your comments. Esp. the mountain lion one--I agree-- one big pussycat!


eh. It's good for a couple of laughs, but not something I'd wear.


That is the dirtiest submission by far. I like it, but doubt I would wear it.

ridestowe could be a cat, suggesting that cat can also mean pussy cat. aka pussy. shave your pussy?


Awesome T-shirt!!!! You're da man, bro! Keep it coming!
I would never thought of me doing a shit like this!

Shave it, please! :D

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

make it more sheep looking so as not to confuse the people who will see me wearint it. i like it a lot its quite funny!


yuck. 0

plus the font is awful

arremgee profile pic Alumni

Nice try, thanks for playing.


is it a cougar? is it a message to cougars? hahaha


uh....woah. no. there are way too many ways to interpret that.


.... so is this a subliminal message.... if i wore this to work... would everyone leave and go home and shave their pubes? ... cuz if so I'd get it... cuz that would be hilarious... now, I must be off to the bathroom... with hair clippers...


thats disgusting.

i'd buy a shirt that is clever, not one that grosses me out.


i don't condone beastiality but i certainly understand the appeal.


mahahahhahahaha! if threadless were run by me this would be a winner!!!!! hahahahahahaha funny shit man!!!!!!!!! id buy for sure... people would love me and i would thank you... thAnks anyway its great!


lol awesome. at first i thought it was a dog/cat..but's not. hehe, naughty naughty. $5 from me


...and I am instantly back in the 9th grade.

Funny stuff, dude.

Everyone who gives this a poor rating is just too pretentious to acknowledge the giggling junior high-schooler inside them when they saw this t-shirt.

Akane K

I love it and I think it's pretty obvious it's a baby sheep. The problem with you lot is that most of you've only seen sheeps on tv... no offense!


Like it.

and I agree Shave yo bush ladies!

r0ck is dead

i love it! $5

one of the funniest shirts ive seen on here.


Offensive and poorly done.


zeelahbee: I'm pretty sure I read "I am obscenely ordinary." in your profile...

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