thats my Tree J

i like the tree's face ALOT.

but thats basically all i like about this shirt.

Watch this

o not get this and I dont really like the illustration


Sorry to say this but, wtf, mate?


This is rad. I would not only wear it but make drapes out of it as well.

ghost17's very childish in style, and not really understanding what's going on. I also second Headfirst's comment, the only thing i like is the trees face.


It is an interesting concept if you worked on it some... like make it have some logic to it. I immediately thought of Eve when I saw this (eating from the tree and then being ashamed of her nudity, but music would be the replacement for the fruit, if that is what you were thinking I think this could work beautifully). You need a good, somewhat realistic illustration though.


jesus christ are you all idiots? have you seen some of the other shitty shirts on this site? like the one im looking at to my right, right now that has a pixel looking alien and says "pirate station". i mean this shirt is a blessing to this site. so creative and honest. i love it soooo much. i love the drawing and the characters. i like the tree being just as human as the woman. i would give anything to be able to buy this shirt, its better than any other shirt ive seen on this site so far. except for maybe the mona lisa one, i like that one. i hope to see many more submissions from who ever made this shirt. keep up the good work.


leave as is, but make a record have a bite out of it or something, because i too thought of Eve when i saw this.. i like it. $


This is a really nice idea, and with a little finessing it would be even better.

4 & buy.

tragical beast

i appreciate all the feedback, be it honest, dishonest, constructive criticism, or destructive all goes to the same place.... its childish because im only 25 and still learning to draw with my toes... unfortunately i used all the finessing on my hair and feelings...


don't be such shits, this shirt is great.




Jammin tree! I wish he'd spin at my next birthday party. That'd be great!!! Oh wait, he's only on a tee-shirt...hmm... Guess I'll just vote and buy the shirt since its so damn COOL!


Wow. Threadless used to be cool, but every shirt printed in the last 4 months has been crap. You all may as well vote for this one and add it to the pile of shame.


does every shirt have to have an LP or a CASSETTE? I GET IT!! MUSIC!!!! YOU LIKE IT %&^%^&%$%$(^@&53





I really like the concept, but I think it would work better if the drawing were more realistic. Still very rad though :)


agree,i love the tree!original.


MY GOD! HOW COULD YOU? I am totally offended. Hundreds of people get raped by trees everyday and you make some sick joke about it. I know from those beady little eyes that the tree in your design was the same one that violated try and getting splinters out of "there"

but its still a nice shirt


um ok to juan carlos the 2nd.. the reason why there are lots of cassette things out there is cuz of the loves threadless competition going on..

and about the shirt.. it OWNS.. i love it.. and is it just me or does the face of the tree kinda look like that peice of wood that that one kid carries around from ed edd and eddy...??



i like to look at shirts and understand the design w/o asking any questions. if you have to explain the shirt... what's the point. this has great potential... try to capture the raw garden of eden story with more of a "garden" feel. change shirt color??


did you use the Paint program to make this?......

good concept?

good.... effort?

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