Pay for all your crimes

  • by trulsjor
  • posted Oct 02, 2005

Time for self-examination. Pay for all your crimes.

Watch this

This is a really good concept. Although, I wish the magnified bug were more detailed.


I like this a lot, and the colors are nice, but it has a big problem with the magnifying glass. The handle goes all the way up to the shoulder, where you would really see it too nicely, and also it would just be BAD. Try making it smaller and re-centering it; just get that handle far away from the shoulder (maybe shorten the handle too?)


i'd prefer it if it were just the mosquito.


ok, the shirt needs to be white or something definately lighter than makes it hard to see.


Hi, thanks for the feedback! This is my first submission to threadless, and the shirt is based on an idea I've got for quite a while. The handle is placed on the shoulder on purpose, I thought it would look kinda cool. But I agree about making the whole thing smaller, or the handle shorter. As for the colors..the bugs are supposed to be a little hard to spot until they are examined under the magnifying glass.

Derry Farm

Ya start enforcing the law in my yard first.


think the handle of the magnifying glass would be better with a rounded end.


the mosquito is such a detailed sillouette i wish the magnifying glass was too...good idea though!

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