Best Threadless Feedback ever?

This is the funniest submission feedback I've read. Anyone have something better?

"like the heart-grenade shirt. only SO MUCH FUCKING COOLER!! Yes! I wanna date you, male or female, i don't fucking give a crap. Just come over to my place. I'll put on some john fahey, we'll crack open a bottle of jack daniels, and see how the evening goes."

Watch this

sounds like the writers of squibnocket cards.^

tesko profile pic Alumni

um, this dosent compare to yours but it's my favorite ever feedback

gunsxgoxbang, at 3:18pm on Oct 29, 2005
^_^ I could look at the little images all day and not get bored, it I owned this as a shirt I'd probably get thrown out of class for staring at my boobs all day. :P I love thsi idea!

Hope it gets printed!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Hehe... my favourite feedback for one of my shirts was...

"wow. i know i've been complaining about all of the penguin submissions lately, but, shit, this isn't a penguin. it's a fucking penguiraffe. everything about this is great. no stupid text. good placement. fucking GREAT illustration. nice colors. you are a credit to this site mon frere. i want this design to be printed so that i can buy this shirt, then rub it all over me when i get it, then commit unspeakable sexual depravities with it. i'm gonna get body paint and paint myself like a giraffe right now in preparation for this getting printed. "

d3d profile pic Alumni

a pretty girl here once said my designs were like hot orgasms. i forget who it was exactly though.

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