play me

really simple and cool, reminds me of me.

Watch this

I've been seeing several tape designs on this site, but.... I really like this one :)


um. i think this shirt is a little plain. it might look better if the colors were a little funkier, like hot pink && turqoise && purple on a black shirt. just my opinion though.



much to plain


I can see what it is, and its ok, but needs something else!


I like salvationsonmonday's idea. Simple is good, but jazzing up the colors would make it less forgetable.


i like minamilism but this is a little too minamilist...


yeah, i agree with everyone else about the colors and stuff but i think it is way to0 boring and it needs to be bigger or something. the color of the teeshirt is too overpowering...if you know what i mean.


different colors and maybe write something on the tape, for example, "Play Me".

what i am

ooo i like it. so simple. :)


I see what you done there..


this is one of the better tape designs. a mi me gusta. 4


...the tape designs ar for the contest over tapes records and files.coughsofaraway and amandacough

Madally Wurlpiz

This is the best so far...
Simple and not simplistic.
Cool colours.
Nice positioning.

wahDuhpp fooh

these people that say this isnt good are crazy. i like it

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