Use your vinyl properly !!

  • by mopa7
  • posted Sep 28, 2005

I want to have an interesting and effective design on the t-shirt.

This is my first submission, all comments are welcome. thanks~

Watch this

The idea is fair enough, but the black design does not catch the eye.


idea is cool but design isnt good enough


Thanks for the comments,

I thought about the black too, but I think black might
be more effective, so I used it. What other color would you suggest?

I didn't know this website untill now, but, still, thank you for
the information.

What could be done to imporve the design?
please let me know. thank you.


It's pretty cool. I'd just print it on a different color shirt. The black image doesn't stand out as much in those colors.


I like the black on the blue that you have.

Personally I like simple designs that catch the eye and I think this does.


I hate ninja shirts.

But I love this.

4 :)


I'm a ninja. I don't throw records. However I do make records. And being a battling emcee this shirt kicks ass. So everybody who sees this shirt should score it high that way I may someday look forward to wearing it.


Very much like Ninja Tune. Needs some white to help pop off those color of shirts.


i like the mix of the ninja and the album. oddly enough, it works. but i agree with the ninja turtle thing so you should altogether get rid of the green. that might help. and...just a could even add a friend ninja or the album could even be a weapon going towards a group of enemies. just a thought, but the way it is, it looks as if he is really bored and lonely and is playing by himself.

i still like it though. fix it a little and i would deffinately concider buying it.

i beat SARS

in contrast to angst?'s comment... i like ninja shirts. but this one... it just needs something. i like the idea but i just feel like it's missing something very important.

but i don't know what. 4


if u change hte color of the shirts it might work cus those are too bright and it fights hte image, unless u maybe invert it so the ninjas white.

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