The Quarter-Eating Heart

Don't you hate when you want to go play something cool like Pac-Man and it has one of these signs tacked on? Probably because it eats quarters.

Anyway, this is my second submission. I decided to try something new after the surprising success of the first one :)

Watch this

Your last one was MUCH better.

This is very cliche. The heart over the actual physical heart has been done. The bleeding heart has been done. The broken heart has been done.


so eeemoooo. :(


Yea, its very cliched and overdone, but I still enjoy this.

swiftlysailing profile pic Alumni

yeah it's really emo XD To tell the truth, I did this one REALLY fast so if it wins or something I'll feel guilty.


"I decided to try something new " where?.. why dont u put a heart that dosent work, the same place where your real heart is.. thats very clever


well, compared to your first submission [damn i want it, no more sizes or it was sold out— congrats—but darn for me ;P] this is not so good, to put it in light terms.
i like the out of order sign/ idea... but the heart thing... eh... perhaps you could rehash the idea and try it on something more symbolic?

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maybe I will...eeehhh I wish you could delete submissions. I hate this more and more every time I look at it.


overdone but i like it anyway.

i'd buy it actually
but i understand how you could get sick of it


I love it.
Don't care if its overdone. Cuz yours gets it done.


why does every have to make emo hateing comments? ... : P
the idea of the shirt is really awsome! i think if you changed it up a bit i'd buy it.


I could see this on the clearance rack at Kohls.


OMO you did Sally Finds a Stray.
now, i have three gods.
i think it's a cute emo shirt.


Human hearts are in the centre of the body, for general information. I like how you've done the sticky note.


another sad, drippy heart shirt. yawn. kohls, ha.


kind of cool, a little over done. get a different pink color


Cool idea. Probably best on blue. Mmm... now that I think of it, those shirt colors remind me of the PPGs... :D


i think its rather cute.
my heart is temporarly out of service
so the shirt would fit me perfectly

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