The speed limit

If you speak any faster, you might get a speeding ticket. I hope you guys like my design! enjoy!

Watch this

sign needs to be made more like a speed limit sign.
rectangle white with black lettering.
on different color shirt.
like your concept tho.


maybe its supposed to look like a european speed sign...
funny cocept!

staffell profile pic Alumni

Love the concept.


I also love the concept, but several parts of the anatomy of the character immediately bothered me (the close hand of the young man, everything on the police officer above the thighs). It's too bad there isn't time to resubmit, because you do have a great start!


150+bpm rapper eh? Cool. Gotta keep with up todays beats. Cop's nicking all his best lyrics for rapping without a license. Verbal back-hander to avoid jail-time.


The line weights are not believable. Make the stroke on the figure outlines larger to match the heavy style you used on the shaded areas.


this made me smile; fix the sign so that it's not quite so overpowering and it's a buy. the round red-ness of it makes it look like a stop sign. there's something odd about the mouth on the sign; it's off-centered, even if the lines coming from it are supposed to balance it out. speaking of balance, balance line and shade on the characters. and different shirt color please.


great concept...terrible execution


awesome !
i lke alot


gosh i love this. i wish i could warrant arrests and punishments when the talking gets to be too much. +5

Johnny kickers

hey thanks for leaving such constructive comments, it really helps. Sorry if it wasnt executed that well, i had very little time to work on this design.. so yea. But i will definately put more effort into my next design.. so watch out for that yea.. heh.. thanks again.



jamie b

i love the idea. but the mouth at the top is too incongruent to the rest of the design.. something else.... then, definitely!!

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