Night Light

  • by GirlxBoy
  • posted Sep 22, 2005

Does anyone remember how comforting your night light was when you were falling asleep as a child?

Name your preference. uno? duo?

Thanks :)

Watch this

i like the centered design.


as MissLoveHater said, and your profile picture turns me on!

Look forward to seeing more of yr designs.


love the profile pic.

this illustration is interesting, but too large.

nice use of color. unique

slender fungus

this looks like something i would doodle in the margin of my algebra notes. 5!


Yeah, I agree, the image is way too large. i like the placement on the side a bit better, but that's just me.


What's with the space invaders?


Thanks for the comments guys, I'm not too sure about why I threw in the space invaders - I guess I wanted a snow globe effect and chose to use them instead of flakes of snow. Purely aesthetic of course.


Haha that's awesome. I like #2 especially.


love the space invaders! i like it centered and maybe a little smaller. but the design is gorgeous. i really really like your style. it's very talented and very unique. please keep designing for threadless!!


I like it, but I couldn't really tell it was a night light at first.
maybe I'm just a loser.
I like #2.

the vespa woman

i like it centered and a tad bit smaller


i didnt know it was a nightlight untill i read your comment, i may just be stupid tho.


unless you know it's a nightlight, it is kind of hard to tell - interesting though...i think #1 is best

digital oblivion

The center one is relaly realy nice, but I think the design is a bit large.
Awesome idea though :D I love it.


I didn't know it was a nightlight either at first, but I love the design anyway. I also like it blue but in the corner or the shirt..=D


reminds me of the guy in power puff girls mojo jojo


i thought it was some sort of mammarian gland/teat thing. which you know. kind of works with the whole nightlight idea. since it's usually little kids who need nightlights. little kids who have not yet been WEENED.
um. anyway. cool. keep it centered. maybe a leeeeetle smaller.


-dookaraki---i thought of powerpuff girls too :P i liek the shirt though! i like #2 better :) nice design


i like two.....


2. 5, and i'd buy.


alright, number two it is!!
in blue.
and smaller.
if it gets printed.



original idea, nicely illustrated :)

Looks better centered and smaller, but there's something about the bottom part that bugs me.

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