9 lives

  • by azrielen
  • posted Sep 22, 2005

Ouch. heh.

I'm not sure about the red x. The rest of the design is so sketchy and black and white, etc that te red x seems out of place? Hmm....would be really cool if, on the 9th skull, it had just fallen apart into a heap of bone with 9 little screws laying around in the rubble.

Watch this
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i like it, and i think the red x is a nice accent. i wouldn't like it as much in just black. i think the X itself could look more interesting though, like a brush script X maybe


cool but why do the nails all go into one side of the head first?


Excellent, but I HATE white shirts.


i hate this


Not really a joke. More of a multi-layered play on NIN.
Hence the nine and the nails.
I am glad that someone saw it. Even if they were joking, they got it.

Good eye Littlebrother1717


Cool idea, but it's a little difficult to understand what is going on. Now that i know what it is, I find it a really interesting shirt, but I think wearing it would be a hassle, as you would have to constantly explain it.


i effin love it $5


They all look dead to me :p


i agree with the first comment.


Hot designs.
It would probably better on something other than a white shirt though.

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