Bow Before My Backhand

  • by jaymoh
  • posted Sep 21, 2005

Random, I know. But the samurai would totally own anyone's sh!t at table tennis. I would be intimidated.

Watch this

I feel as if it needs more work... the edges are rough for my tastes and something about the perspective bothers me. Also, the paddle seems to be glued onto his hand... he is not actually holding it.

Good luck!


I love it.

Bulk Paint TL

His positioning would lead me to believe that he's about to play a forehand shot...


an astute observation. bow before my forehand doesn't have the same alliteration to it though.


:D Showing off that iaido technique, are we?

It feels like something is missing, though... the detail level seems imbalanced, with the rough silhouette not matching up to the more intricate samurai sword handles.

4. I like the idea.

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