Let's Get Ready to Humble!!

The pope is giving a shout out to all his peeps. VATICAN CITY... LET'S GET READY TO HUMBLE!!!

Watch this

did you get the idea from the one "holy crap" family guy episode?

i am not a big fan of the giant font and i dont like it on black.. its a bit to big for my taste and whats with the 6 dots... ? is it some religious thing i dont get ? :p

well il give it a 2 for a funny idea but well not a great design


this shirt rocks..i want to buy it now!!


I think this is damn classy. & I like the font.


Where is the Pope's funny hat?

Do I like this shirt?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?


i love family guy, but notn this shirt


HAHA, i love the pope's expression.


I like everything, except the font. It's so incredibly over-used. 5 and buy if the font changed.


He needs the hat!
Lose the Dots.
on a black shirt?


I thought it was an overweight red neck
preacher who had to sit down in the middle
of his rant/sermon.

Since you're doing a take on the phrase,
"Let's get ready to Rumble! " then show
us the congregation as if they were the
spectators to the "fight".


I love the picture, especially the expression, but I agree with Losmattocks, Loose the dots and he needs his hat.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

dots look like spotlights but im not into them.

Everett Simmons

It looks to me like he is wearing his skullcap, and the lights add to the "fight" by making it seem as if they are lights in an arena. Funny take on it.



I usually know the pope when I see him, but not this particular time.

almost emo

ok get rid of the dots wtf are they anyway also i would like it alot more if it had no words or like it said rock on or sumthin eh 5$ ^-^


the dots and font don't bother me near as much as his lack of hat does
but it's a nice shirt, i'd probably buy it as is


robin williams said that exact same thing on his "live on broadway" dvd.... oh the coincidences.

good concept. i don't think the dots are necessary... but some kind of cross or symbol would help clarify.


Change the text to sumthing serif and i think you've got it... that it friggin awesome

DO IT.....


what the hell is with the dots...?
i hate the text.


i like it, keep the dots, leave it on black, and add a hat. id buy it


a take on a Francis Bacon screaming pope. the slogan adds more meaning.


Loose the dots add the hat and you get a 4


didn't robin williams say that?


I would SO buy this. But he needs the PopeHat!


i love it, except that the dots are knda random, and try some other colors.


this is in pretty bad taste because JP2 died not too long ago.

i blame history

my first response was a huge grin and "oh my god"

then i realised what i said. oh, the irony. it hurts. 5.


Robin Williams made this joke.


ive already seen this actual picture. and it said "are you ready to rock!?", 3 for nice effort but lack of originality


not many shirts make me laugh out loud like this one did.

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