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Come on! We're all thinkin' it...

  • by eoin3
  • posted Sep 11, 2005

Like the title says... Come on! We're all thinkin' it...

Don't get me wrong... I like bunnies and robuts and ipods and ninjas and pirates and zombies and monkeys and hearts and etc but dear God, enough!

Now...before you all call me on it, I'm not oblivious to the hypocrisy of a shirt like this...but, like a said...come on...we're all thinkin' it...

Watch this
.moto. profile pic Alumni

lose the grey. just put a green line where the circle is meant to be.

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

If you want to complain, make blogs not shirts. Threadless actually has a blog forum where people just like you complain about cliches and try to get laid. Check it out!


ipods were so 3 weeks ago.


HAHAHAHAHA not for an actual shirt, but I like seeing this.


Thanx GraceRacer!

In all Honesty I must admit that this is a crap submission. when I created it I hadn't quite figured this place out and I though I was being clever...uh turns out...not so much clever. The protest seems as Cliché as the items it derides. Made even worse because my next pending submission features both a Ninja and a pirate... can you say Hip-O-Krit? Better yet...can I spell it? huh?

Anyway...this is a bit of a call to arms...A vote of ZERO is a vote for good design and a Vote against people, like myself, who don't look before they Leap!

Who's With me? Come On! We're all thinking it...! Vote ZERO... I sure am!


oops... though = thought....damn sticky "t"


Don't... get... it... choke die


don't listen to the person that suggested that complaints are only for the forums. obviously they don't know art when they see it. Art can protest and express ideas, even complaints, often better than words. i think you show courage – I commend you on it. Looks like there is a REAL artist here after all.

Burning-Robot profile pic Alumni

I have seen about a billion "shirts made of cliche shirt ideas"shirts. This is not the place to express complaints.


Burning.... Read my post above... I know that now. I admitted my mistake... it's time to kill this sub and move on..


Lucy... thankx for your vote of confidence. I appreciate the support but this design was pretty lame... I would hope that a serious statement would inspire me to create much better work...but I do thank you for your kind words!


i kinda like the design, but not the idea behind it. i mean, i've read all your posts above, eoin3, but i just hadta say it. because the design itself is cool, but no one who wasn't a member of threadless would get it. except for the ipod part.


Yeah Jackanapes I totally get that... I'm not sure what I was thinking when I submitted it besides it's just plain rude (i guess is the word) that's why I'm trying to kill it.

As for the design... I kind of like it too and I might submit a shirt with like 15 or so images in that style with no text just for the hell of it. I already have a design pending that uses images like this but in a more positive way...

anyway, Thanks for your comment...I appreciate it

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

if you used the font "cooper" you would have won my heart and lust.
funny though


...if we like it...why change it yet?

arremgee profile pic Alumni

The anti-cliche shirts are becoming cliche. Freaking IRONY right thar.


why can't eoin3 complain about the overuse of robots, ipod, etc. ...there was a shirt last week that did the same exact thing and EVERYONE praised it. It seems like to me that it is ok. for 'some ...
just how fair are people voting anyway?


this submission has a life of its own...I tried to kill it but IT LIVES!!!... lol


yeah..I saw that...HIS was Much better! =o)

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