She Guevara

I checked to see how many Che Guevara jokes there were on threadless after I made the design. I know there's been a few and they've mostly bombed pretty badly. But I figured it was worth a shot since I'd made the design already.

Besides I like it.

Watch this
Johnny + Rob

i would think having it centered would be best, thereby making fun of the Hot Topic kids wearing the shirt that they don't understand


Yeah I like how this design mocks all the kids wearing the t-shirt they got from virgin or wherever. Like it 5 and stuff


dude. change the concept. call it "chez guevara" and put him in a chef's hat. fuck, wait, no! that's MY idea. don't any of you fuckers steal it!!!


Good shirt.

And I'd like to claim the prize for being the first to know
that Berkshire Hunt is rhyming slang, and makes "berk"
a much worse swear word than you thought it was.


I like tomburns' idea of adding blue eyeshadow.

How about some earrings?

the Berkshire Hunt

I had thought of eyeshadow already but not earrings, I just didn't want to overdo it y'know? And yeah I like centred best but I figured there's no harm in putting a few other options in.


this shirt sucks. YOu stupid douchebag children don't deserve to walk around with a picture of Ernesto Guevara on your tshirts. I would wager a hefty sum of gold that you little fuckers don't have the faintest idea who this great man was.


Wow, I guess some jerks don't know what paraody means?

Love the shirt tho, $5.

Could use a touch more, like the eye shadow suggestion, but yeah, don't over do it.


Being from the stencil art scene i have a sudden knee jerk hatred of this shirt. The whole Che thing is completely tired and exceptionally boring... it was cliched a decade ago but now its so painfully naff you will find a whole host of extreme reactions to this concept.

Such as the above, but that is from the other angle, from someone who has a cultural connection to the man/myth. Either way, you will have two armies against you with designs this pathetic.


Powoul - a parody is a prolonged metaphor.
This is just che with red lipstick.
And i am sick of stenciled cultural heros, that once overworn by people who shop at hot topic - lose their cultural relativity.
Here's a new word for you


google it.


i checked pike bishop's profile and noticed that he pretty much hates everything. also, he's bitter, arrogant, and condescending. maybe he knoes how much of a great man old che was, but now we all know how much of a douche pike bishop is. fuck you, this shirt's pretty good.


I would't buy this shirt, because I'd be afraid that from a distance people would mistake me for a Hot Topic kid.
But then, I care too much what other people think of me.


Eh. I like and get the concept, but I think it'd be mistaken for a real Che shirt everytime I wore it.


meh...taaking an established image and changing one thing does not a good design make.

SIMULACRA - I had to write a 3 page essay on that. Intresting stuff.


Wow some people take a t-shirt as if it were an attempt at a personal affront to them.

Take a few deep breaths, stroke your inner chi, and shut the fuck up. It's a t-shirt. Not life or death.


This in fact was one of the greatest heros in history, a great man, an idealist, who did not just stop on words but fought for his beliefs. Althogh I myself have done parody whith "Che" it has never been redeculing him, I really respect this guy too much. I guess, because his image is the most reproduced in history, and everyone knows this image taken as a photograph by Alberto Korda, people will just think funny anything done with it, but maby if you read about his life and his ideas, any designer or illustrator just might cosider having more rispect for a figure like "Che"

staffell profile pic Alumni

shut up

the Berkshire Hunt

I'm not really pro-communist and I'll be honest I don't know that much about Che Guevara so I can't argue for or against him being a great man but I will say this.

Why is it trendy to have his face on a shirt? I don't think half the people who wear Che shirts know any more about him than I do. At least when you're wearing this design you know who you're making fun of...



to Lucaz :

You think Che Guevaraz's "image is the most
reproduced in history"? Do you have access
to MTV or movies? I wonder if there are any
images of popular religious leaders or
rulers of nations that could get close to
Che's reproduced image? Hmmm...
It seems you're right. Che is the most
popular man in the whole universe!
( hee hee )

My Very Own Succubus

and fuck all the wannabe wetback taco bell's authentic thinking bastards who somehow think wearing a Guevaraz shirt connects them to their heritage. you live in america fucking act it--be proud--take that damn mexican flag off your bike pedro and replace it with a rader nation one like all the other mexican-americans.

just kidding

The Domo

She needs more makeup! MORE, I SAY!

It's hilarious how almost everyone who wears a Che shirt has no idea who he even is. COOL LOOKIN' SHIRT WITH A DUDE ON IT, I DUNNO, LAWL.


I think Che is a bit over done. Seriously; H&M is selling tops with Che on 'em.. Funny gag, but too cheap to print in my opinion.


Brilliant!!!!!!! I could see a lot of gays wearing this - oh dear, is that politically correct to say that?


this sticks it to --EM-- .perfect...


i'd have to agree that this shirt is awesome. and quite funny. especially to those who have the slightest idea who che is.


the shirt sucks on its own suckiness. don't even bother with the "but Che was so great" b.s. Plenty of people think Che sucked. Plenty think he was great. Now Jesus, whether or not you think religion is bullshit, is generally regarded as (at least) a figure to be respected, and there are quite a few Jesus spoof shirts, too. This is not some sort of religious person's diatribe, just to say that just because someone is worthy of respect does not and should not protect them from being used in a creative enterprise, even if that enterprise is in some way. Jesus with a bong can be funny. So can a transsexual che guevara, perhaps. Just not this iteration. But, sitll, grow up you overly serious douchebags.


I meant to say, "is in some way [mocking] sic."

Burning-Robot profile pic Alumni

Didnt he kill a bunch of people?


yeah ....humm che was a great man. half of you dont know what he did and what he was for. i bet most of you did not know he was a docter (PHD) and that he was not from cuba and not mexican.

over all the tee is ok


i loathe micheal moore with a burning passion.


come on guys..why would u even post this stuff a la Burning-Robot's "Didnt he kill a bunch of people?"

tk azerbaijan

you know they banned this shit?

Che Guevara's family sued the EU. they're taking it to the US now.

you can't sell this with his face on them anymore.

he was a communist, etc. whatever.


yeah man this shirt sucks. i agree with pike bishop.


Hero? What's next Osma the hero? Retards, The shirt is great, F... Che


to make fun of the shirt is one thing to make fun of che is diffrent you are so ignorant. How is he like osama research than tell me. he is not a terrorist he graduated college and became a doctor he was compared to gandi on time magazine and seen as hero by many for doing something good for the latin americans he saw so much poverty he was willing to risk his life for the cubans , he was from argentina. because he was a middle class man and he had seen so much poverty and he wanted to change peoples lives for the better... he is a hero because no one else was willing to stand up and make a change. fidel and che .. two diffrent people. According to scholars if che (ernesto) lived to see cuba right now he would probably have a heart attack becuase that is not what he intended. he attemted to do more for latin america but the U.S. hired one of the members from his army to kill him and he died bravely.


i know people are always trying to fallow the crowd i agree this shirt is over worn i have seen this shirt way too much .
I 've also seen the led zepplin shirt alot and alot of sports shirts and most people dont know who is on the team or if its a band shirt they dont know who is on the band and their songs its annoying and i hate it for that same reason though, the fact that people always fallow the crowd i think ernesto should be respected for fallowing his beliefs and attempting to help out becuase no one else would stand up and by the way even americans fought in his army .. yes white people no not rednecks.. its always nice to know a thing of two.

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