Chasing The Words

  • by 3thumbs
  • posted Sep 09, 2005

This is my first thought for the 'If you spoke any faster ' contest.

I think its self explanatory. This is my 2nd post ever. Hope yall like it.

If you want an explanation for it I will gladly give it to yah :D



Watch this

It's an interesting idea to use a cheetah, but I thought it looked a bit more like a kangaroo, and I didn't really understand, maybe illustrate the cheetah while it's in its stretched out running form and it will be easier to recognize. The concept is great, though. I would wear this if the cheetah were fixed.


Looks too clip-artsy.

Personally, I'd prefer images that were a little more similar to eachother.

Interesting idea, though.


yeah i feel it, i didnt notice how clip art it was till u said it lol:P and yeah streched out cheetah would be cool
thnx for ur input


how swould i go about making less clip arty?
more color or something?


this is the best concept for june ive seen yet. does look clip-arty, def in color


i definitely thought it was a kangaroo.


It looks like clip art for 2 reasons I think. 1) Because the style of the head is in outline, whereas the hand is in silhouette and the cheetah is a weird combo of the two. 2) The shirt features 3 separate images that don't have much of a real connection (the speech bubble doesn't line up right with the mouth and the cheetah is just kinda floating off to the side).

Plus, the middle graphic and the cheetah are redundant, as both imply talking fast--go with one or the other.

In conclusion: use similar styles, ditch one of the images on the left and then try to integrate the pictures into one image as opposed to 2 pasted next to eachother.


Also the runner is skewed in a weird way, whereas the head is a perfect side view. Fix up the perspectives.


Hmmm ok not straight on, but the perspective on the runner is still too extreme for the face.


So am i alowed to post again with a fixed consept or what?
im kinda new to this so be gentle lol :P
thanx for the input though guys. i like this place so far


I'm not sure what it is, but I just don't really like this one.


boo. clipart


Is there some deep meaning to this because I'm not seeing it?


cheetah? whatever man, thats a kangaroo.


It's kinda interesting.......

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