Vinyl dreams

  • by nubugman
  • posted Sep 08, 2005

This is my first submission to Threadless, I'm hoping for your honest feedback on the design, would you wear it?

Watch this

i love it... and would most definitely wear it!


Ah, vinyl. I'm so annoyed that I have such a large collection of them. ;)

The music notes seem redundant; the figure is wearing headphones and dreaming of records. I don't feel that the music notes are needed.

I would bring the headphone chord in a bit so that it would not cross the outline of the figure. I would also eliminate the text. It's pretty clear what the dream is about. :)


I'd leave the notes out too. Also, not so many tonearms would be ok. Just a few.


i love vinyls.

i'd say put just a few vinyls (enlarge the vinyls), few notes, and a few forearms. then i'd wear it!


its sweet without the dude


I love it. Would definately wear it, but not in that blue.


I don't like the placement.


great design. maybe leave out the notes just as everyone else has said.

i like it on the orange.


i like the design. but put it onsomething like an off white so it looks used, like most of the vinyl i own. make it look used and dirty. then, it'd REALLY rock.


Lose the cord and the text. Buy then.

loco coco

like the orange one


definately looove this design, i agree with taking out the notes and fixing the headphone cord as well as taking the white to an off white, but i like the multiple amounts of vinyls and arms, it makes for a much busier picture and i think it works for this


Well done mate, I've placed my vote!


I like the orange.

i think i would like it more if it were a bit higher up. minus some notes. less curls

owen skyser-gray

hm i would consider buying it because i love vinyl so much
but i would stop myself at the last minute.


Love it and would buy it but I HATE the squigglyness of that headphone chord it looks naff.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

I don't understand you kids and your subcultures


I love the idea
and the shirt
get a big 5 and some cash money


mmmm...OOOOOORRRRANGE!!!! 5!


that jawn is pretty hot, i'd buy it on the orange or green


this shirt is so scene. but besides that it is sooo amazing it actually looks like something i would design... just i am not so swift with the computer art :)
amazing yes i would wear it.

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