The Epic Battle

Nice image I give it a four just because I wouldn't wear it on a T shirt

Watch this

Ooooh, I really like it!


I like the illustration but i would never wear it.


I could see this design better on a button down striped shirt and the desing in the corner. I would make the shirt a variety of blues and the design a black wash. anyways thats my opinion. it is a nice design, but not for a plain shirt

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ROFL i was not expecting that could use a bit more color tho


hmm, it's nice but I personally wouldn't want to wear it


Awesome. $5!

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Nice drawing with subtle colors. Might be a little lopsided. I'd like some bright orange in there.

is that voltron?love voltron. i reckon it needs another colour tho...

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ya possibly orange would be good


I don't think that it needs more color; I think it needs more contrast. Brighten your light areas a bit, and perhaps lighten the shades used within the transformer.

Sure, sure, I make it sound so easy, right? :)

almost emo

ok...nice drawings but....its so freakin clich'e and stupid no offense....but thats sumthing you would find at like old navy or kohls ^-^ u get a 0 ^-^


hahaha this reminds me of my school
cauz it like a buddhist dragon and a nerdy robot
i wouldn't wear it but thanx for the smile


looks very good. color suggestion would be yellow and red, and think that would be a nice combo on this. 4


Nice design and great use of colours but... it looks like something you would find in a stores kid section, so personally i wouldnt wear it.


is it meant to be kinda heart shaped? 'cause i like that.


OH yeaaaaaaa! ...but not in dark blue though.



um just not my style

but veryy nice design



AWESOME!!! a little difficult to c from a distance tho...

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Thanks for the color suggestions everyone, but with a score of 2.17 I dont think it warrents a resubmit. I think it fails on a basic level that people just wouldnt want to were it. Oh well.

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