The Missing Piece

  • by Pidde Pop
  • posted Sep 05, 2005

Are you missing something very important?

Watch this

i adore this, but (an im not one who usually says this) i feel you dont need the words, but could convey the same idea if you colored the heart differently or the other pieces, so that the void is felt instead of said with the worlds


I love the concept but would like it a lot better if you removed the text and made the puzzle smaller, maybe 4 rows down by 5 rows across.


it doesn't look like a missing piece when the pieces and the background are the same color... maybe if the pieces were white (with red outlines).


I really like this, except for the words...I agree w/ rachel6.

los lobos

puzzle is way to big, if it were smaller than you wouldnt need text


i soooo agree with rachel6.


I agree with Los Lobos. Take away some of the pieces and the letters, and I'd be sold.



Pidde Pop

I have made one without the text and i agree. Much better.


Make some random hearts black, skip the text and yes!

You can't have <i>enough</i> heart shirts.


i <3 the concept

but i agree no text

heart a different color!


really like it, but i agree heart needs to be different as if missing and maybe put it off in the actual heart somewhere else on the shirt so it can be "found"


I also meant to suggest the other pieces be shaped like humans, some of them already are, like gingerbread men.


have the heart be all white and remove text and it's a five


no text and make the image smaller. otherwise, its great!


'i soooo agree with rachel6' as well


I think its god aweful.


too many heart shirts.
not as bad as the rest,
but still...

too plain.


oh my god a slightly similar idea! let's bomb it cuz it has a heart! Great design. I agree with losing the text and coloring the heart or something, but not making it smaller. I might like it more with a bigger puzzle. I hate how everyone dogs on ideas due to a slight similarity like a heart, yet everyone can be into the whole not having text thing... It's being hypocritical about being against cliche. Stupidheads.


just drop the text. size cool.placement great. coloring some of the pieces takes away the magic. keep it up
am not muc of a fan when it comes to hearts at all but can definetly see myself wearing this


if all of the pieces were filled in ecept the heart so you know it is missing


omg no text. wow..i think im the last person on threadless to ever comment that


the text ruins the whole thing. heart should be a different color. ...

Hey Day 48

I think this would work better if you made the pieces smaller and that way you could create a heart shape out of missing pieces rather than adding an actual heart shape. this would communicate much better and look great. Hope this helps you. Thanks.


this shirt has already happened.


I'm sure it has Wolfgang..

Anyways: Lose the text and this is a pretty nice shirt..
I don't like it when symbolism needs to be explained.

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