Home Sweet Home

Well at least one person seemed to like it so here goes!

Watch this
Josh A.

Nice execution, too.


Like totally threaded, dude : )
Very cute indeed


i think it is great! i wish it was more earthy colours on a natural tshirt tho. not a fan of primaries.


G and H aren't part of the 'home' position.

This is such an awesome concept, and the execution is great. Very clever!


took me a few secs. w/o looking at the title, but really clever idea


I should get this for my yearbook staff advisor. She's a keyboarding teacher. haha.


ha ha, same w/jaymoh. That's a really clever idea


i agree with taz-pie, though -
neutral-er colours.
primary = baaad news.


Funny, but NOOOOOT on blue. I like the graphic, it 's a lot nicer than just plain typed text. However, I think a lot of people will rate you based upon the colors they see here, instead of realizing that the colors are easily changed if your design is chosen, therefore rating you badly in the here and now. More neutral colors.


yeah i love it but not the blue shirt. i don't really mind the colors of the design at all. i'd say a white shirt but we know how everyone else feels about white shirts...

Bulk Paint TL

Thanks guys. This is far better than I hoped for.

The primary colours were purely for the cross-stitch effect although there's absolutely no reason why they couldn't be made less saturated. I'm not precious about the shirt colour either. Suggestions gratefully received.


okay, I love it.


i thoroughly enjoyed that.


I dont get it

Bulk Paint TL

If you touch type, the keys 'ASDF' and 'JKL;' are where your fingers rest when they're not pressing a key. These are referred to as the Home keys.

This is also why your keyboard probably has a little notch on the 'F' and 'J' keys - it's to enable you to easily find where to put your index and subsequently, all of your other fingers.

That was a public service announcement


everyone's been blowing you dude. this shirt is great and the pun is very clever. is your dick sore yet?



Funny as shit. My mother teaches keyboarding and will love one of these. $5

Bulk Paint TL

jackanapes - let's just say that I have a smile on my face :)


I love a delayed 'Ah Ha'

Bulk Paint TL

You mean like

"Take on....



I don't really like that... it reminds me of the shirts my Grandma buys in the wholesale magazines.


grandma t-shirts are sweet and i think the design is awsome


Definitely no primary colors, ick. Otherwise, so clever and great.


Love the concept, not too keen on the colors.


That is extremely clever...what moron said they don't get it?!?


very excellent


Very very clever! I admit I didn't understand "asdfjkl;" at first until I read some of the comments. I would also hate to have to explain it to everyone when I see them in the hallways and stuff, but I love it anyway. 5!

embrace your poison

Ah, quite clever. I like it. ^_^;
...I feel like I should say more than that...


Adorable. Sweet, though? I'm not sure i understand, but maybe that's just me.
I love the asdfjkl; concept.


OH! NEVER MIND! i got it..
that's SO CLEVER.

okay. okay. i got this. sorry for the previous comment.


I'm not liking the design too much but that is so clever

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