Dragon-Boardin Kick VS Phoenix-Rappin Palm

  • by shaymeow
  • posted Sep 04, 2005

ugh.. the flashy lights..

Watch this

Am I correct in assuming that the lower image is on the back?

Shin Destructo

The color changes are annoying, but zoomed in on the images I really like them.

XFUXION profile pic Alumni

My apologies. The background is black in color originally, with the words front n back in white. The lower right pic is printed on the back. The line iznt part of the print. Pse click on ur lower right corner to view the artwork. Subsequently, click on the lower left to return.

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Shucks. The white "dragon" n "phoenix" can't be seen in the larger view too because of the white bkgrd.
Oh well..


that is awesome! go phoenix


Id like a shirt with just a phoenix and a dragon on opposite corners.

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Gah the flashing is giving me fits....

But I like the diesn overall. Good use of minimal colors to make a rather complicated design. Not sure I would wear something with this positioning, but it's interesting...


I don't understand why he needs a skateboard: it doesn't seem to go with the rest of the image. Otherwise it's pretty nifty.


i like phoenix
i also like the shirt, i wish the img could be bigger


I didn't even notice the skateboard until I zoomed in.. I just thought he was supposed to be riding the dragon, but you placed him oddly. I'd like it more with the boarder actually riding the dragon (even if it's not supposed to be really there). Also, can you do something with his legs/kicks so they're not all the same, sort of like the hand guy?

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Likewhat I've said on my previous post, you can view the enlarged artwork by clickin on the lower right corner of the flash. The left character has a skateboard and the right character is holdin a mic. The line is to differentiate one is printed on the front and the other on the back.


uhhh it's a light show where is the design


You know, they'd actually look kinda nice both on the front, with the one in the upper left, and the other in the lower right.


Good work .. but i think it would be better if you leave only the dragon and the Phoenix


The flashing of the design is annoying, but the coolness of the shirt isn't lost on me. Awesome concept.


why is the dragon dude shooting dildos at the pheonix dude?


and mzark is right... they do look like big yellow dildos.


haha dildos. the changing colors hurt my eyes! slow it down.

Anyway, the pictures remind me of that movie... Kung Fu Hustle.

Interesting. I kind of agree with Rahna, the images could both be on the front. If the idea came from Kung Fu Hustle... then yeah it makes sense to put them on the front because they're fighting each other?

Oh well, it's nice overall.


I love the idea, but it isn't very easy to see that the pictures are a rapper and skater...


why is he throwing dildos

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