Robots Don't need pants

  • by BadNanas
  • posted Aug 31, 2005

Character originally for a university Project

A few Different Colour variations.

I can't decide which one is the best colour- Which one do you think is the most effective?

Watch this

Aw that's cute, I love the blue.

square random

i love this makes me wanna listen to jazz for somereason too lol

Yorick's monkey

I don't like the blocks around the words and the saw-hand does nothing for me.


head explodes with t-shirt greatness



GIR, anyone?

I think there would be some conflict with the band "Ima Robot"


Ahaha invader zim all the way...
I think the blue compliments the design the best


I've been insisting this for years, but I still get arrested when I visit the school yard!

Great image! :)


^^Haha Phineas.

I agree, blue! And, love the circular saw hand.

the gurglagon

good stuff
im a human and i dont need pants.


green's not as good as the other two, but excellent concept. $5.


something about that robots face is really obnoxious
~you dont have to listen to me, thats only my perception


Ha ha ha. All 3 colors work very well...I kind of want all 3 but if I had to pick one probably red because it's such a bold color.


Umm yeah... what is with the robot fascination anyways? Don't get me wrong, but I think robots are cool 'n' all. Why so many robots though? I mean... the robots man......THE ROBOTS............robots...................


CHOOSE THE COLOUR OF THE TEE!!!!!!!!! The design cannot be properly judged with "options" as threadless only picks one colour! How do i know? Cos i have asked them previously! The Design and the tee are one big design not 2 seperate things!


They do print different versions of a design, on different colours. Not the first time but if theres a reprint they may choose a different colour-just look at


Must be printed on blue and must be worn when one's doing the robot.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

if youre going to have text it should be more witty...

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