queen of hearts

Wow this is really nice. Um the only thing i would want to see done to it (next to it being printed) is to see the "Q" on the shirt somewhere maybe...

P.S. I love the weed/vine thing

Watch this

yeah...definately add the Q on the card....other than that..nice shirt!

i love Cheeks

oh i really love this one. this is my favorite one by far.
I would buy it in white, its really well done


I like it in red. I agree though; the Q is too cool to let go. You could stick it on one of the sleeves and it'd be hella hip.


Mmmmm. I love this. Do add the Q though. This makes me wish I could pull off the color red, sadly I can not.


love it love it love it. 5$!


minchia ci mancava solo la maglietta di piero pelù....sadness


I agree, put the Q on there somewhere, sleeve would be okay!
I'm buying it anyway....hope they print!


Is she "flipping" us off?


where is the "Q"??? 0_0

I dont' like the swirly random stuff....which is wierd...cus normally i do like it...but in this case I think it would look better with the Q and without the swirls.


I didn't put the Q in because I feel the illustration is strong enough to stand on it's own. I suppose it may work on the back top of the neck - really small.

BTW thats two fingers shes holding up not the bird


i like it, especially the pattern at the bottom.
but add the Q,it's really lovely


Something about that leaf pattern at the bottom makes this whole shirt work very well. I would add the Q on the card though, as mentioned above.


i saw the two fingers and that made me love it more. awesome job


I like to imagine that the queen is about the finger my butthole.


i believe you mean "to" finger [your] butthole. and yes, she will.


Would the curlique in the corner continue down over the hip onto the back, to end at the bottom hem in back? Or would it cut off abruptly at the side seam?


I like it but her face is a little too much like a ditsy teen and not a regal queen.


I agree the Q should be in there. I agree with the last comment, about the face.
I love how hte crown is placed, and I love the vine.

This is the first shirt I've seen on threadless that I would buy.


to Rhana: It would continue over the back.

To everyone else: The Q would be there too!


Pft, I don't think it needs the Q at all, I think it's just fine as is.
But since someone said it, everyone might as well say it too xD


I think is too big


add the Q, and make the backround a different color like black or something, otherwise i love it


i REALLY like this

just maybe not the vine on the bottom

otherwise 5$


Add a q and you get a sold from me! :) Nice work.


yes, it needs the Q. on the sleeve would be cool. and keep the swirly stuff. good job.


I might buy this if printed on burgundy instead, and included the Q and heart.


Please keep the vines! especially if they continue onto the back.

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