Love Heals

  • by Slim13
  • posted Aug 27, 2005

In hard times, love conquers all.

Watch this

Love it $5


wow. this is pretty effin crappy. Love has to be one of the most exploited ideas out there. this is just adding to the horror. |0|

Garnel Hougo

I am not getting this one, explain


I think the lines should be turned into those medical wacha macall it lines that mean people are either alive or dead?
No clue what they are called, but yes.
4$ Either way


........i dont get it.


..EPG? iono...I thought it was a cityscape at first 0_o

not very clear.


not vital signs...vital signs include heart beat, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure.
I'm working in a hospital right now and could easily call and ask someone what the hell the name of the heartbeat line is, but i'm lazy and don't feel like it and this design is getting a zero anyway.


THIS DESIGN IS AWESOME! For those that have been through it and understand it, those lines definately mean something. For those who don't.....oh wells...but I'd definately buy it!

Slim13 hard comments. sorry for those who don't understand it. it's my first design. :) it's just...through hard times...if you have have everything. this picture can represent alot of things. it just depends on how you see it. anywho..thanks for actually taking the time to comment on it!


It's kind of clever but this style was popular in mid 80ies and even then it wasn't too much fun.


I think its really cute. Yeah, their lifelines or vital signs or whatever you want it to be. the real message is what i like most. its simple, but it speaks, and that takes creativity. i give it a 5!


Cute, looks like a heart monitor which is sweet... is that what it's supposed to look like? I like it anyway, and the colour red. Smart choice. xx


i love it. maybe on another color as well? black...maybe?


cute idea, but pretty cliche'. lines for vital signs do not read well at all. needs better execution, and maybe some color other than red. red hearts are way too done. what about black shirt and green ink ( like onthe machine screens in the hospital)?


reminds me of suicide. slit wrists and love is supposed to heal your slit wrists.


awww conquers all...Amor Omnia Vincit(in latin)
i wouldnt buy it though


Those aren't very good vital signs.


hm. no html allowed. oops.


you could make it look slightly more like an EKG by letting some of the vertical lines drop below, and space them out a bit.
Honestly I dont think its worth it.

Carpe Diem

I like this one A LOT. It's very minimalist but gets the point across, and no words are needed. 2 Thumbs waaaay up. I owuld buy this


I would have rated it a 5 if the lines more closely resembled an EKG, but I still like it

em fu

I might like it more if the lines were text... like really small strings of text maybe telling a story or something... or maybe that's a silly idea.. oh well :)

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