Native Nun

  • by robdraw
  • posted Aug 25, 2005
Watch this

Hrmm. Weird, but I like it. I'm a big fan of red, so I'd probably buy it. $5!!

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hey rob!!!! it's littlegypt(jess) from the drawing board...did I already say that on another one of your shirts? I can't remember...anyway this is kickass.


wow! brilliant, I love the braveness with the scale and the simplicity, its a winner!


I like your style! Very nice design... maybe it could be a little bit smaller, donĀ“t you think?


Well, it's designed for art battles. So it needs to be recognizable from at least ten paces, but I'm willing to compromise.

your shirt rocks

went to your site i love the assosiate sect. is it your work? i saw other names.


Thanks for the comments "your shirt rocks". (if you ever right negative comments you're really setting designers up for a fall)
Anyway, after years of art school, I still don't know what post modern means. my basic understanding is that post modernism is the idea that nothing is new and that we can only reconfigure old ideas while we just tread water. This seems pessamistic to me. I draw whatever is in my head. I look at it as a person wearing something between a head dress and a vale like nuns wear.
I would appreciate any comments by anyone on what post modern means though.

As for your other question,yes all the "Associate" paintings were done by me. I think I signed one bob instead of rob because the person in the train picture calls me bob instead of rob.


For 'post-modern', as for most things, I like to allow the Simpsons to explain it best:
"It's for the sake of wierd."

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