Train of Thought

  • by Satch
  • posted Aug 22, 2005

The detail shot to the right would go on banana yellow, which is the background color. Enjoy.

Watch this

coolness. looks like spike speigel
$5 keep it up

loglow profile pic Alumni

first 5 of the bunch


Cool design, please not on yellow.


Keep the color combination on the right, but NOT on banana/yellow. put it on the light blue shirt or creme and I will buy this. Pleasssse not yellow! I really like your design. It is nearly amazing. I am impressed.


noooo yellow
but yea i love the blue one
i do love the colour's on the right also..
but yea.. no yellow


Love the design, I agree not on yellow. I'll but it!


K, so I'm guessing yellow isn't really going to work.

square random

i love the yellow i'd like it higher tho not so low, looks way better on yellow imo


Dream Theater, eh? ;)
Nice work.


I love eye-catching colours! Banana just fits perfectly to the design.
Loss of expression on blue.


i think its beautiful on yellow

square random

holy snikies didn't notice the person till fiona mentioned it lol still keep it on yellow!


liek it

slender fungus

cooooool. i like the banana yellow. and i like it better facing left.


Yeah I like it on yellow. Why does everyone hate yellow? I also like it in the position it is on yellow - it looks like you drew it that way and flipped it for the other one, and flipping an image tends to screw it up a little.

Also for some reason it seems like I want to see more behind his head rather than that dark thick stroke that forms a building. It seems like a rather abrupt end when my eye wants to go further.


i like nature stuff like this. like the rilo kiley shirt!! 4!


I really like the design, but the positioning bothers. It'd be relevant for mountains to be higher! And also maybe grey shirt?


I, too, like the yellow.


So freakin awesome, your best work yet and thats saying a lot good job keep up the good work!!!


Love it on yellow. Very intreguiging, yet also readable. Really strong color choices and I noticed the figure immediatly.


my train of thought must be still boarding at the station, because i dont get it


sooo unique. I love your style
I would spend more than 18 bucks on this


Love the yellow! I would like it best up on the shoulder, rather than in the bottom corner like you have it on the blue. $5

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