Birthday Blues

  • by NuImage
  • posted Aug 22, 2005


Watch this

awesome. id defnilty buy that. nice




Can you have your cake and axe it, too? I like it.


It is a little frightening how popular the 'little girls with dangerous weapons' theme is getting.... but it is a good design. Love her expression!


ga!!! stupid zoom!!!!

not that i need to, i just like to. good job.


woah! wtf.. Why is she so angry or sad? kinda funny tho

Basically Normal

awe, i cry at every one of my b-day parties too.


is she uh...wearing horse shoes? i'm sorry but the body just doesn't seem right to me. good concept.



awww.. gotta hate that cake.
it's super cute..the legs are a little weird though i think


aww... she's cute, although the electrical outlet keeps distracting me.


Very cute, but I'd like it better if one of the colors could be changed - pink and red together makes me twitch. And I agree that the electrical outlet is rather distracting. On the whole very nice, though. :)


I'm so tired of uber-emo children and intense, needless violence.


yeah, soooooooooooo needless violence, don't you have enough?


has nothing to do with emo or violence... that's your own personal inturptations. you need to look inward to see why you saw it that way and if you're tired of it, change the way you see things.

I suppose I should explain this now, though it's plenty fun w/o the explination.

I had a dream about a friend giving advice in story/moral format one of the stories she told (in my dream) was this:


I went to a birthday party not too long ago and sat through a lot of boring stuff, waiting to cut the cake.

when the time came to cut the cake I got the drop on people by using an axe. normally, it would have been an advantage to all those people holding their knives waiting to go cut-cut because an axe usually goes chop-chop, job done... this time the axe went swqish. cake flew everywhere and all those people were very upset becaue now there was no cake to cut with the knives they had been holding for so long.

I went to the hostess and apologiezed in many ways until one of them finally worked. so then she asked me why I had used the axe and I told her many reasons untill she finaly believed one of them. I tried to turn to leave when she asked me where I got the axe. I smiled, handed her the axe and said 'you', then quickly left.

I was told later that she looked at the axe and quietly said to herself 'I shouldn't give axes to people I don't know'.


naturally I had to email her the dream and make an illustration to go with it XD

so, as you can see, the illustration is about a simple mistake in judgement, something we can all relate to...


a much shorter explination of the same thing:

She thought an axe would work better.


How fantastic!
Cute and simplistic.


This reminds me of my 7th birthday party. My b-day landed on Easter and I insisted on having my party that day. No-one came.


Huh, I just noticed that there are seven candles, weird.


No, wait, there's 8.


hard to make out the cake

bad colour scheme



thanks everyone


too emo.

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