Cat Dance

there are actually 5 colors (or maybe even 6) due to the opacity change of the bow-tie and cat's dress.

and theres supposed to be 4 or less... soo.. yeah

Watch this

Even without the opacity change this would still be adorable and I would definitely buy it. I'm not too sure about the blue, but I don't know what other color to recommend. Well done.


I think it'd look cute with the design a little bigger. good idea, the opacity is fine but I don't think it's necessary. I think it'd look fine opaque. I'd probably buy it!


So very cute..yes i think it would be better with the design a bit bigger..
totally cute idea though and very nice design

Red Panda

Hmm... I only see four colours:

Dress - light pink
Dress - dark pink
Cats - light grey
Bowtie - dark grey

S'cute. If it had closed-curved eyes on the cats faces in dark grey, I'd possibly 5$.


I'd 5$ if the colors were less pastel-y. I like bright colors.


outlined please. cute idea.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

Am I the only one who doesn't like it at all?



the female cat has a tiny little left arm


ignore shirechai. outlining this would a. add a fifth color, and b: make it not as cool.

i really like this, but i think bright color tee makes the kitties hard to see. so on a different shirt color perhaps?

love it. $


very cute. add slit-eyes?


i think it would be totally awesome in a corner.. making the bottom of the shirt the dance floor.


her left arm is crossed over her front. We are seeing her from the back.

She's no gimp.

x mr suave

I like it alot, but I think it would look cool in the bottom corner too


it's cool, but I'd like to see some facial features on the cats. blank faces just looks kinda creepy, IMHO.


Adorable and 100% print-worthy.


I love the idea, and the male cat is awesome, but the female cat's pose just looks really awkward to me

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