I Love Bees

I love bees and am really proud of this one.

It's four colours (black outline and black for the back legs, brown, yellow and white) and looks nicest on khaki.

Not sure about the placement, but I think it's better where it is as opposed to centered or a hem location.

Thanks to everybody who gave me advice in the blog forum, and I hope you enjoy mybee!

Watch this

Big, furry looking bees are soooo cute!
The only thing I would suggest is to make that one last leg: brown, like the others. And possibly slightly adjust the left wing, so it sits a tiny bit more 'left' on the bee's back! Easy fixes!
I love his scruffiness! yay!


yes, fix him & he willl be mine!


(also loves bees)


wicked cool, totally would buy this! But I'm the kinda person who saves the bees out of the pool!!!


I dunno how hot I am on the "bzz," but I still think it's adorable. :) It'd be even cuter with two bees.

Nevertheless, a 5 for you!


it BEE cool!


Yay! Thanks!
I love bees a lot. They're like paxil for me.
Bees in poppies is one of the nicest things ever.


Just because you like an animal doesn't make it a good Tshirt.

Thats a 1 for you.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Wow, way to be lame, you fifteen year old p.o.s.

I was referring to short chef.

I'm so not fifteen, don't let me fool you.

I gave it a 4 :)


I really, really like the bee. I dunno about the "bzz" though. But then again, i never like text on t-shirts.


Bees scare me. But I really like the design. 4


Wasps are scary. Furry bees are awesome. Especially huge bumblebees. They are gentle giants. I love it.


bee-utiful! I like how the "bzz" has the furry bee texture!


I hate bees, they freak me out.

However - I like this, and I'd wear it.


I would totally wear this and buy it for my friends! We have an inside joke involving bees...


wham bam thank you ma'am. <- That's the only reason I'd ever wear a bee shirt. if it had that Aqua reference. So-- sorry. :/


hehehe! I want to pet it.


whooooooooo yay! I don't even like bees, but I love this shirt!


maybe its a nice idea, but this does not end up in a good lokking t-shirt

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